Appliance Repair Cost


How Much Does Appliance Repair Cost?

Appliance repair has several advantages. Most kitchen and laundry appliances are worth a considerable amount of money, so it's not uncommon for people to repair them rather than buying replacements. Much of this equipment is used on a daily or weekly basis, making it unlikely that you'll own any appliance for more than a decade without needing repair. 

People usually call technicians when these machines have to be fixed. Most tasks require extensive training and knowledge as well as the appropriate tools. Professional service can prevent mistakes that cause fires or electric shorts.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair an Appliance?

Labor normally constitutes a big part of the cost to repair an appliance. Technicians charge around $80 per hour on average. Alternately, you might pay a flat price for their work. It usually takes approximately 30 minutes to three hours to fix this equipment. Some appliance repair services add a separate travel fee. The remainder of the bill typically covers replacement parts. A few examples include fans, compressors, and motors. 

This portion varies greatly depending on the type of repair and the specific appliance you want a professional to fix.

Always use a reputable appliance repair service, otherwise it could come back to haunt you. It's not always as simple as a DIY project you can do in your free time. We highly recommend that you compare quotes from at least 3 appliance repair technicians before sending it in so you can get the best value for your money.

Important Appliance Repair Pricing Factors

When you estimate the cost to repair an appliance, it's vital to take its energy source into account. It is almost always more expensive to fix natural gas equipment. The model, age, and brand of the machine has a major effect as well. A repairer may need to spend more on replacement components if your model is comparatively rare. Another significant factor is the style of the appliance. For instance, it's harder to access and take apart a built-in microwave oven than a countertop unit.

  • type of appliance
  • what's wrong with it?
  • equipment brand and model
  • natural gas or electric?
  • built-in or countertop?

Appliance Repair Cost Breakdown

Most people, on average, pay a total of $200 for this service. This is frequently how much it costs to fix a conventional oven, range or dishwasher. Technicians occasionally charge $200 to fix laundry equipment as well. Some customers spend as little as $100, especially when they have microwave ovens that need service. Any machine might only cost $100 to fix if it has a comparatively simple problem. Nevertheless, some individuals pay bills as high as $400. This usually happens when refrigerators, gas laundry appliances or icemakers need repair. It can also cost this much to fix an electric washer or dryer with motor problems.

Multiple aspects of your local area could affect these rates. You might spend less if you live a short distance from the appliance repair service or wages for skilled labor remains relatively low in your city. Things like local education costs and gas prices may have a smaller impact on the bill.

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