Concrete Driveway Installation Cost


How Much Does Concrete Driveway Cost?

If you own a home with a paved driveway you know that over time the surface can degrade and cracks and holes can form. The driveway is exposed to temperature changes and precipitation which is a normal part of any weather cycle.

Weeds and other vegetation can also grow up through the paving material and can end up breaking and cracking the entire structure.

Many people choose to pave with asphalt but it is not the only material that can be used to create a strong, durable and long lasting driveway for a home. If you want an alternative to asphalt you may want to consider concrete driveway installation instead.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Concrete Driveway?

You need to keep in mind that many factors can affect the cost to install a concrete driveway.

Generally, however, once you start looking for estimates, you will find that an installation job will range in price from a low of $1500 to a high of $3800. The average concrete driveway installation bill to most homeowners would be $3000.

Here are a couple of factors that will affect how much it will cost for concrete driveway installation:

  • How large the driveway is
  • Whether the concrete driveway installation is curved or sloped
  • Whether it is a new driveway and grading or clearing of the land is also needed
  • Whether you are having someone do the work for you or if you are buying materials and doing it yourself
  • Whether you want colored concrete or other surface textures to be used on your driveway

Concrete driveway installation can be fairly labor intensive and the price can reflect that. Usually, a metal structure is set into the concrete, which makes it stronger. The concrete is poured around the framework and this holds everything together.

Before you hire anyone, we recommend you compare quotes from multiple installers. Make sure that every different part or aspect of the job has been factored in when you request an estimate. This way you can ensure you meet your budget without over looking any of the hidden costs.

Concrete Driveway Installation Finishes

There are also a number of different techniques that can be used to give these structures a unique look. Technicians will often color the concrete before it is poured which looks beautiful but which adds to the price of the work. If a customer requests it, the installing company can also use stamps or other tools in order to give the surface of the concrete a different look as well.

Taking the time to figure out exactly what you want your driveway to look like and which additional techniques you want the installer to use can be a good idea as it will ensure that each of the quotes you receive regarding the cost to install a concrete driveway will be based on the same factors. Then you can choose which company you want to work with.

Grading And Preparing The Surface

Make sure that you are clear on whether the land will need to be graded or whether there will be any work needed to prepare the site for the addition of the concrete. You should also find out if the installation job will include taking any unneeded materials away afterward as well. You need to be aware that this will often add more to the cost of the installation since disposal fees can be quite high in some areas.

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