Foundation Drainage Cost


How Much Does Foundation Drainage Cost?

When it comes to foundation drainage, the old phrase, "out of sight, out of mind" absolutely applies to water once it hits the ground. You might look out your window, see the sky clear and the ground dry and believe that there is no reason why water should be collecting in your basement, around your foundation, or under your home. The truth about water is that it is absorbed by the ground and can, depending on the foundation drainage system in your home, permeate your foundation walls and get inside your home.

There are many compelling reasons to keep your basement dry:

  • Water that is allowed to sit stagnant in your basement can provide an environment conducive to the growth of mold. 
  • Sitting water or the presence of moisture in your foundation can adversely affect the air quality in your home, increasing the chances that you or your family could eventually become sick.
  • Long-term presence of excess moisture in your home can eventually start to harm your roof and attic.
  • Generally speaking, you want water in your sinks, toilets and showers and that's about it. If your home's foundation drainage system isn't in great shape or is non-existent, you might want to address this issue as a very high-priority home improvement project. In most local municipalities, it is even required by building code enforcement that foundation drainage systems exist in all homes, especially new construction.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Foundation Drainage?

Depending on the size of your house, its age and whether any foundation drainage system is present already in your home the cost to install foundation drainage systems can vary a bit. You should set aside anywhere between $800 and $7,800 for the project including materials, labor and cleanup. The average project, according to US national estimate data, will cost $3,300

Most homeowners without construction experience don't even entertain the prospect of undertaking their own foundation drainage project. Before you know what to expect in terms of price, it will definitely help to meet with trained basement drainage specialists in your own home. Get multiple quotes on the cost to install foundation drainage and compare them for the best local deals.

How Does a Foundation Drainage System Work?

  1. A perimeter drain, or footing drain, is installed around the outside of your home's foundation wall footing.
  2. The drain consists of a hard, rigid pipe that has holes in the top or side to allow water to come inside. 
  3. The pipe is pitched, or angled, sufficiently to allow water contained within it to drain towards a down-slope area of your property, away from your home or to an underground sewer inlet if one is present under your home.
  4. Your foundation drainage pipe is back-filled with rocks and sand of specific diameters and types so as to ensure it is held in place and doesn't shift underground or lose its pitch over time.

How To Get Your Free Quote

If you'd like to get professional cost estimates and diagnostics, you can get started by providing your home zip code in the space provided on this page.

After you do so, you'll hear from a local foundation drainage building contractor in your area. They'll offer you appointments to visit your home and provide a professional no obligation, 100% FREE quote on the cost to install foundation drainage

After you have the relevant price information and knowledge of any factors relevant to your specific property configuration, you'll be ready to decide if you'd like to begin the work.


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