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How Much Does It Cost To Raise a Concrete Foundation?

Any time you might consider the possibility to raise your concrete foundation supports in your home, or the entire foundation for that matter, you obviously understand that it is not a casual undertaking.

Only in situations where your foundation damage is minor and isolated will you get away with minor repair costs. The only time you would raise concrete foundation in a home is when the house is intact but the foundation itself has sustained serious irreparable damage.

Factors Affecting The Cost To Raise Concrete Foundation

There are many factors that can influence your overall cost to raise concrete foundation. Consider the following pricing factors:

  • House size: A bigger house weighs more, which makes the raising more complicated and more expensive. Try to get a per sq ft rate from a contractor.
  • Number of floors: More floors or stories means more weight. A double story home will always cost more to raise than a single. 
  • State of house and foundation: Water damage can cause extensive damage to the foundation, flooring, and walls. Repairs may be necessary before raising.
  • Time required: More time needed on site will increase the overall costs. Emergency raising will also cost more than a pre-scheduled raising project.
  • Permits: Often a permit is required to raise a house and they can be costly. The contractor you choose should assist and run you through the process.
  • Labor: There is no set cost for this sort of labor. Your best bet is to compare quotes from multiple contractors for the best rate. You may also require an architect or structural engineer before work commences.
  • Liability: It's imperative the contractor you choose for the job has liability insurance of at least $200,000. A project of this size with no insurance would not be wise.
  • Landscaping: Trees and other landscape obstructions may need to be removed in order to access the foundation. Consider the cost of replanting trees as well.

Occasionally, when your home is subject to extreme flooding from a hurricane, you may find that your homeowner's insurance or flood insurance policy won't continue coverage on your property unless you agree to raise your home's foundation or pay a substantially high insurance premium.

Types Of Foundation Raising

Concrete foundations can fail due to any number of reasons, but you also have a few ways you can address the problem. However, poor soil and drainage conditions may require further solutions to raise concrete foundation. Make sure you discuss all options with your chosen contractor.


  • Also known as slabjacking, this is a much cheaper alternative to replacing concrete. This type of structural rehabilitation only costs half as much as laying down fresh concrete and could be a viable option to consider when it comes to the cost to raise concrete foundation. Contractors will pump cement, water, and dirt underneath the foundation until it has leveled out.

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

  • Similar to mud jacking, it can achieve the same results using a lighter foam material, and it doesn't require as many drill holes or entry points. Though it costs more than mudjacking, it can stabilize the concrete foundation and the soil underneath. This is the latest method used to raise concrete.


  • This method makes use of actual jacks to raise the foundation. This is a slow and intricate process as raising the foundation too quickly can cause even more damage. Once the foundation has been raised, piers, capped beams, and footing are installed for support. This is the most expensive method you can utilize to raise your concrete foundation.

How Much Will Concrete Foundation Raising Cost?

The cost to raise your concrete foundation will vary significantly from one situation to the next. In the best possible scenario with the least amount of labor required, homeowners can expect to spend in the region of about $2,300 for the entire project.

The average American homeowner faced with the need to raise concrete foundation elements in their home's foundation, however, should expect to pay anywhere between $4,700 and $12,400. Due to the many factors influencing the overall cost to raise concrete foundation, a professional assessment is the only way to get a more accurate price for your particular type of project. Remember that, in extreme cases, raising the entire house can cost as much as anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000

Additional Fees

Additional fees that affect your overall concrete raising costs will include:

  • Organizing permits for your home's concrete foundation raising can cost between $500 - $5,000.
  • Hiring an architect for a project averages around $5,000, though, it could be more or less depending on the extent of your project.
  • Labor charges can cost between $5,000 - $10,000 depending on the contractor you choose for the job.
  • You may require foundation drainage systems put in place which can cost upwards of $1,500.

Get in touch with experts before anticipating your concrete foundation raising costs in your unique situation, be sure to speak with foundation repair professionals for a breakdown of the costs involved. Also be sure to compare several quotes before you commit to working with anyone.

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