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How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

For many, garage door repair is a top priority when it's not functioning as the garage is one of the main entrances into the home. Also, it is not only functional but, but a stylish garage door can improve curb appeal. The typical garage door can bring the look of your house together, while a custom garage door may enhance and display your own personal style. When your garage door breaks, is dented, or has shattered glass, not only does your home’s look suffer but so does its safety. A faulty garage door can make your home easy access for intruders and robbers. So, it is imperative to have your garage door serviced and repaired whenever the need arises.

When it comes to garage door repair, there are so many things you can have done. Dents and cracks need to be fixed, mechanical parts and glass replaced, as well as the installation of new parts. When you need to repair a garage door, not only do you need an abundance of time but someone who is knowledgeable and experienced.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Garage Door?

Garage door repair overall is not a super pricey repair, but depending on the circumstances, some may be more costly. The least you can expect to pay for a repair will be around $100. This is for those very small jobs, including:

  • putting the door back on its track
  • replacing a battery
  • banging out a dent and more...

These small repairs do not take more than two or three hours and use common tools or supplies that are often carried in the repair truck.

On average, however, you should prepare to pay around $200 for a repair. This accounts for common jobs that are a little more involved than, for example, just changing a battery. These average repairs may take all day, but mostly around just two hours or more and should cover:

  • minimum company fee or service call fee
  • labor cost 
  • parts that need to be specially ordered

However, if you do have a standard garage door, the chances of needing specially ordered parts are low.

The highest you can expect to pay for a garage door repair service is around $500. This is for jobs that take a lot more time, energy, labor, or need specialty parts. These are intense, time-consuming projects that will require higher labor costs or specialty repairs with a higher minimum service fee. including:

  • custom garage doors may require unique parts
  • particularly large or heavy doors will require more manpower to move and work on
  • taking a door down and replaced entirely 
  • installation of a new door

To get professional garage door opener repair, you should compare at least 3 quotes to ensure you receive the best deal possible. We highly recommend that you get in touch with contractors in your area to compare quotes.

Other Costs To Consider

Like any other home repair, there are extra costs to consider when it comes to garage doors. 

Specialty Tools

Custom garage doors often require special tools or unique items. Because of this, you may need to have more than one appointment or an expensive part may need to be specially ordered for your job. 


Glass repair can also drive the price up. It needs to be cut to fit each individual garage door, and the labor required to do this is much higher for custom garage doors. Even traditional garage doors with glass paneling may require a higher fee for measuring, glass cutting, and replacement.

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You will receive a 100% FREE quote on the cost to repair your garage door. The best part is there's no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts.

It's also a great way to decide what will be possible should you be working within a budget. Give it a try!


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