Gas Line Installation Cost


How Much Does Gas Line Installation Cost?

Gas line installation is the key to running many of the most important appliances inside your home. You may depend on gas for heat, hot water and cooking. Naturally, you'll need a gas line running to the house to do all of this. Now, if you already have a gas line, you might just need an extension to reach another area of the home. If you don't have one at all, you'll need a bit more work done as it connects to the city's system. 

Regardless, though, before you move forward, it's necessary that you understand the cost of the project and how much it is likely going to set you back.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Gas Line?

There are a few different price points and variables to consider when it comes to the overall cost to install a gas line. Some of the different elements to consider include:

  • replacement of current piping
  • cost of labor
  • specialized workers
  • home location

There are a number of things to consider before you begin your gas line installation, such as the distance the gas line must travel. Also, the costs for labor will vary based on the contractor used. Be sure to get several estimates prior to choosing an installer. This will help ensure that the best person or team is hired for the job at hand.


If you have damaged piping, you'll need to have it replaced. This adds to the price of not just installing a new gas line, but having the old one repaired or removed. Your contractor will need to perform an inspection and they may even need to bring in the city to approve of your project. This will increase the cost to install a gas line.

Cost Of Labor

Labor cost is a big variable in gas line installation. Your contractor might charge you per hour, or for the entire job, so make sure to ask. Chances are they will charge by the hour as sometimes there's so much to do it may take an additional workforce.

Specialized Workers

Removing old, damaged gas lines are not something just anyone can do. It is dangerous and requires workers with specialized training. Specialized training and certifications mean it is a more expensive job. This is something you might not realize you need until the ground is actually removed from the current gas line. So, just keep this in mind when it comes to the final cost to install a gas line.

Home Location

The location of your home will impact the cost of having a new gas line installation. If the installation is completely taking place inside of the home, it shouldn't have any barring on the final cost. However, if it needs to be connected on the exterior to the city's utility line, then it will have a very big impact on the final cost of the gas line installation. Your contractor can point out what needs to be done and whether or not your home's location will have any impact on the final cost.

Cost Breakdown

On average, you can expect to pay a little under $700 for your new gas line. Depending on a few variables, this price can vary from a low $300 to an above average $900, although this usually depends on a few specifics, such as how much piping is required and what sort of construction needs to be done for the gas line. On the very high end, if you live far from the city utility connection, the price can stretch to $1,200, although this is not often the case.

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With all of this in mind, you can decide if a new gas line installation is the way to go. There are different variables at play which you should consider.

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