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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Gas Pipes?

Repairing or replacing gas pipes isn’t a typical DIY job. It may seem simple enough to replace a pipe or install a new gas stove, but unless you have experience dealing with gas pipes, it is always best to bring in a professional. Mistakes can be dangerous, even deadly when dealing with gas pipe repair. Done incorrectly, gas pipe problems can result in leaks, lost integrity on the entire system, and even an explosion. But, just how much is the cost to repair gas pipes. Consider the following cost breakdown.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Gas Pipes?

Anytime you have to bring in a professional to handle a job, the cost rises. The average gas pipe repair costs about $500, with the low range hovering around $100 and the high end reaching $1,200 or more. Why such a large fluctuation? This is one job that could feature a lot of variables, and some of those variables can cost big money.

There are two main things that can drive the cost of a gas pipe repair up or down: 

  • labor 
  • materials

Are you looking for local contractors that can help with your gas pipe repair? Before you hire anyone, we recommend you compare at least 3 estimates from reputable repairmen. Gas can be a real health risk to you and your family.

The Cost of Labor

In most cases, labor is the most expensive part of any home repair job. Depending on the following factors, your labor costs can drastically increase:

  • location of the pipes being worked on
  • the complexity of the job
  • technical knowledge needed
  • the amount of time needed to complete the job

The Cost of Materials

Piping and other materials must also be considered when repairing or installing gas pipes. The longer the run, the more piping and other materials are needed. This, of course, pushes up the cost to repair gas pipes.

Consider the following cost breakdown for gas pipe repair in these three categories:

  1. Low: You can expect to pay in the low range of $100 for basic gas pipe repairs. This will include simply switching out a single pipe, valve, or hooking up a new appliance to an existing gas line.
  2. Average: The average gas pipe repair costs $500, and usually includes running a short line from an existing system or making more detailed repairs. These tend to be short jobs that take only 1-3 hours and do not include any problems.
  3. High: Increasing job difficulty, the higher your repair costs will be. You can expect to pay $1,200 if you want to switch out your electric appliances with new gas ones and do not have a current gas line. It is going to cost more to run a new line into the house and install those appliances. Existing lines that need a total re-haul are also going to cost more to repair.

Remember, the cost of those repairs is going to depend on the time it will take to complete them; the amount of specialized knowledge required by your technician, and quantity of materials needed.

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