Holiday Light Installation Cost


How Much Does Holiday Light Installation Cost?

Winter holiday celebration marks a fun and joyful time of the year. It's a time when families and friends come together to celebrate their spirituality or to just enjoy another opportunity to share time together.

A long-standing tradition is to hang ornaments and lighting on the inside and outside of your home as another way to mark the occasion. 

Holiday light installation is hardly fun for those tasked with the duty, and thankfully, there are now professional teams that are willing to do the job for you, at a price.

Once you hire a professional team to take care of your holiday light installation, you'll find the holiday season to be far more enjoyable than ever before. 

Nobody likes being up on a ladder, in the freezing cold, swinging a hammer so close to their precious present-wrapping fingers. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install Holiday Lights?

The final cost to install holiday lights will definitely vary from one home to the next. 

In a best-case scenario, you can expect the installation bill to be as low as $100, but estimates can occasionally climb as high as $1000 for an entire holiday light installation job. 

The average homeowner should budget $400 for the work, but that may not include the removal of the lights, so that's another question to ask. This price estimate assumes your home is a 1500 square foot, single-floor dwelling. Holiday light installation services are certainly more common today than they had been 10 or 20 years prior.

Hiring a professional team for holiday light installation is often quite affordable and is also a major time-saver. You want to make sure that you find a team about 1-2 months prior to the holiday season's peak days as the contractor's calendar tends to fill up quickly.

Factors That Could Affect Your Installation Cost

  • Do you live in a ranch or multi-floor home?
  • Will you be providing lights, or would you like to rent lights as well?
  • There are standard and upgraded lighting options.
  • Would you like the team to remove your lights at the end of the season or simply install them at the beginning?

How To Get A Free Quote

Local estimates are the only kind that matters when it comes to finding out the specific cost to install holiday lights

You can enter your home zip code into the form on this page and holiday light installation professionals will contact you with a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate. 

The less time you spend on a ladder during the holidays, the more time you will have to enjoy with family and friends, shop for presents and just sit by the fire. 


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