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How Much Does Home Theater Accessory Installation Cost?

Even if you don't mind the crowds and high-ticket prices to go out and see a movie in a theater, it's not practical on a daily basis. Home theater systems are the closest you can get while remaining in the comfort of your own home. A complete home theater setup will usually include a high-definition television, surround-sound speakers, and various other components all geared at delivering you the best quality media consumption experience possible.

Once you've nailed down the basics for a home theater setup, you'll want to have a professional visit your home and advise you regarding your home theater accessory installation needs. The more you can do to tweak your experience for the better, the more enjoyment you'll get out of every movie, sporting event, and video game you play.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Home Theater Accessories?

A home theater accessory installation effort will cost anywhere between $500 and $16,500 depending on the type of options you choose, the configuration of your current system, and where you live geographically. An average cost to install home theater accessories is $1,300.

When you meet with your home theater accessory installation team, be sure to detail what you love about your current setup and what you would like to improve on. If you let them know what your budget is, they'll advise you of some possible home theater accessory installation options which will make the most sense. Speak to multiple contractors. Compare all your options on quality and budget.

Some popular home theater accessory installation choices:

  • All-in-one remote controls: After you find yourself with multiple devices configured in your home theater, you might notice remote controls starting to pile up. All-in-one remotes can de-clutter your space by doing the work of many remotes in one high-end device.
  • Speaker stands: Sometimes, when you're just getting your home theater set-up, you might just put speakers on bookshelves or wherever is convenient at the time. Speaker stands or wall-mounting are common ways a home theater accessory installation team will make better use of your theater space.
  • Dimmable lighting: Just like a real movie theater, it's nice to be able to set the mood prior, during, and after your watching sessions. Lights set to dimmers are available from most home theater outfitters.
  • Sound-dampening: Depending on how close your home is to your neighbors', you may want to consider installing some sound-dampening paneling on your walls. It usually looks rather nice and helps keep the sound inside the room and not outside.
  • Movie theater-styled seating: There's a certain effect that you get from sitting in a movie theater-style seat when you visit the theater. Fortunately, similar or better options are available for the home media connoisseur, if your room and budget are large enough to warrant such an option.

Once you start thinking about all of the possible home theater accessory installation options available, it's easy to get pretty excited. For most, there is a certain budget in mind that must be kept. For others, their home theater is always in a constant state of upgrade.

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Regardless of where you weigh in on the home theater accessory installation scale, any improvements you'd like to undertake are best done by qualified professionals. To receive more information about what options are possible for your home theater, simply enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page.

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