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How Much Does Home Theater System Installation Cost?

A high-tech home theater is a popular wish-list item for homeowners. Crisp, high-quality sound will change the way you experience movies and television, and a large, upgraded tv or projection screen can take you right to the front row of the big game. In the last few years, the options for a home theater system installation have increased substantially. What was once a matter of selecting a television and plugging in speakers is now a much more complex series of choices.

As components have become more advanced, so too has installation! Think about the options that best suit your needs, and you may be able to predict the cost to install a home theater system using this cost guide.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Home Theater System?

The average cost to install a home theater system can vary quite a bit based on the factors we will discuss below. The cost will run around $100 at the low end, and up to as much as $1,000 at the top end. Generally, the average Americans cost to install a home theater system is around $400. Consider the following components which you can add to your custom home theater system installation:

  • tv
  • receiver
  • speakers
  • video and media sources

Home theater installation can become a tricky affair. We recommend you compare estimates from several professionals in your local area before you begin the installation. This will allow you to research the best installation options to suit your needs and budget accordingly. 


The old adage that “bigger is better” is never truer than when selecting a television for your home theater system installation. The newest technologies, 4k and OLED, produce incredibly lifelike images and are available at sizes up to about 70”. If you want to go bigger than that, consider a projection screen. Do you watch streaming content? If so, a “smart” tv may be a good upgrade.


This is the center of your home theater system installation. It drives your speakers and provides the technology that gives you surround sound, but it’s also the hub for your other components.


The options here are endless. The traditional home theater installation will include five speakers and a subwoofer, but “full surround” can mean a dozen or more speakers. Opt for floor stands, ceiling mounted, or a combination of the two. 

Video & Media Sources

Think about the other components you’d like to include in your home theater system installation. Do you play video games? Watch blu-ray disks? What about a smart box or a 4k media player?

Installation Options

If you’re looking for a high-end home theater system installation, you’ll want to go wireless. That means no visible speaker wires or power supplies running from your components. Of course, this will increase the cost to install a home theater system. Your installer will need to access the inside of walls, and perhaps ceiling and floors as well, to pull wiring through.

Think about how many component remotes you’re going to need to access, and then consider a high-end all-in-one remote. Your installer can help you to set up your new remote and will train you on its use and settings. This may be included in your home theater system installation, but be sure to ask. Other accessories you should consider with your installation include mountain brackets, additional speaker wiring, power supplies, and trim packages to help mount your components flush with walls or furniture.

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Your location will have a big impact on the overall cost to install your home theater system.

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