Home Theater Wiring Cost


How Much Does Home Theater Wiring Cost?

Do you want to install a home theater? Would you like to transform your living space into an amazing theater experience with high-quality sound and visual entertainment? You may need someone to do all you home theater wiring correctly. 

There is nothing like having the feeling that you are at the movies while being in the comfort of your own living room. Television, movies, music, and other entertainment will have a higher sound and picture quality. A home theater is an awesome experience to enjoy in your pajamas on your favorite reclining chair.

Let's take a look at the cost to install home theater wiring, and what a professional estimate of this type should include.

How Much Will It Cost To Wire a Home Theater System?

Wiring for a home theater can cost you anywhere from as little as $100, up to as much as $900, depending on the type of materials used and installation. Most homeowners end up paying about $300 for their home theater wiring installation.

Prewiring your home for a home theater can be a complicated and frustrating task, even for a skilled AV technician. We recommend you obtain quotes from multiple audio visual and home theater wiring experts. This way you can ask questions while you find a contractor to suit your installation and budget.

What Does The Cost To Wire a Home Theater Include?

The estimate for home theater wiring includes the following items:

  • local materials
  • equipment delivery
  • costs to prepare the area
  • costs to protect components
  • job cleanup
  • debris removal
  • labor 

The estimate for home theater wiring does NOT include the following items:

  • additional costs for removing or modifying any existing system.
  • bringing current systems into compliance with building code.
  • sales tax
  • permit fees
  • inspection fees

Labor Cost To Wire a Home Theater System

Labor costs for a home theater wiring would cost an average of $250. An estimate for an average home theater wiring install would include the following items:

  • layout and location 
  • cut holes for monitor, receiver, and five speakers.
  • install
  • electrical box
  • receiver
  • video unit
  • run and connect
  • audio cables between components
  • visual cables between components
  • planning
  • equipment
  • materials
  • area preparation
  • setup and cleanup

What To Consider For a Home Theater Wiring Installation?

Remember a home theater system is a great investment in your quality of life. Home theaters typically require sound-proofing so they do not damage or disturb other areas of the home. Further, your home may require a lot of wiring. This may need to cut through walls to avoid exposed wires. 

Most homeowners agree that a home theater wiring, while not cheap, is worth the cost for safety, value, and enjoyment. Typically, we found that the average home theater wiring cost was around $300. This could increase if you need additional wiring, multiple components, or the areas are difficult to reach. 

Components to consider

A complete home theater system would need to have the following components for a great sound and visual entertainment system. This would transform any living room into a home theater. The only difference would be in the materials, equipment, and installation you choose.

  • left surround back
  • right surround back 
  • surround sound processor
  • powered sub-woofer
  • left speaker
  • center speaker
  • right speaker

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