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How Much Does Home Water Treatment Cost?

Water can vary in quality based on contamination of the ground water, but in today's busy world, tap water isn't necessarily any cleaner or safer. Municipal water treatment plants across America have failed routine testing over the last few years, making home water treatment essential in certain locales. With inspections showing high levels of pharmaceutical drugs, health-threatening bacteria like E. Coli, and heavy metals in treated public water supplies, it's best to test the water once it reaches your home.

Investing in home water treatment may cost a little upfront, but it'll pay off in a big way if it means saving you and your family's health.

How Much Will It Cost To Treat Your Home Water?

For the budget-conscious homeowner, the cost to treat your home water is likely the first thing they research, rather than advanced features or the benefits of specific models. The lowest cost for this kind of equipment starts out around $100. While that may sound quite affordable to you, don't forget that your contamination problem may require much more than a $100 solution, and you're far more likely to spend upwards of $1,000. On average, the cost to treat home water that may not be portable comes in at about $1,400. Finally, complicated situations involving multiple home water treatment devices may have a price tag attached to it in the region of about $3,700.

If you are in need of home water treatment, start by determining your private or public water supplies quality by sending a sample to a private lab service. Once you know what particular contaminants you need to filter out, ask for quotes from local installers. Compare estimates and recommendations for the best deal that suits your needs.

Installation Complexity

The number of drinking water taps generally determines the base price if you invest in individual filtration units, but most homeowners find it more economical to pick up one large filtration unit for the entire house. Expect to spend a little more when you also need water softening to remove excess minerals like:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • fluoride

Without softening, you'll find the clean water still makes it hard to shower or wash dishes properly. In general, the cost to treat home water is affected most by the levels of contaminants the filtration equipment removes, along with the amount of its output in gallons per minute.

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Installers have experience with all the major brands manufacturing home water treatment equipment, so they can help you get the best deal for your money while ensuring your water is safe and tasting good.

If you urgently require a home water treatment service, enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page and you will receive a 100% FREE estimate from professional contractors in your region. There's no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts, and there are absolutely no hidden costs. 

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