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How Much Does It Cost To Clear a Drain?

A clear drain is no problem, but clogged drains can become a major problem for almost anyone. At the minimum, a clog renders a sink, toilet, dishwasher or washing machine unusable. There is also a chance that it will stop all of the drains in a home from working. If an appliance continues to release waste water into a clogged pipe, flooding might occur. Although do-it-yourself methods may work well when there's a minor clog, it's best to have a plumber clear drain lines when more serious problems arise.

How Much Will It Cost To Clear a Drain?

Professionals often charge hourly rates or flat fees for the cost to clear a drain. Many clogs can be eliminated without the need for any parts or supplies. Labor costs typically include a plumber's travel, insurance and tool expenses. Some tasks greatly increase the amount of time drain clearing takes to complete. For example, the need to remove a toilet or building components will significantly increase an hourly bill. When deteriorating pipes need replacement, the extra labor and materials frequently add around $550 to the total price.

Don't fall victim to an unnecessary service or sewer or drain clearing scam. Many contractors will be willing to quote you, but be sure to pay only for a service you really need. Compare several quotes from professionals in your area to get a feel for pricing trends in your area too. 

What Else Affects the Service Fee?

You'll probably pay more if you live in a major city or need to request emergency service. An after-hours visit can add 70% to the expense of basic clog removal. The type of drain also has an impact. Toilet and washing machine drains cost around $25 to $50 more to clear than their bathtub or sink counterparts.

This service may become a bit more expensive if you live in an apartment building with long drain lines. When a main sewer line clog disables all of the plumbing, the bill increases by about $250. Here are the main factors influencing the service fee: 

  • drain position and type
  • how soon service is needed
  • location of the building

Different Methods Plumbers May Use

If a professional succeeds in drain clearing by use of a pipe "snake" tool, this service probably won't be very expensive. However, some types of clogs call for the use of pressurized water. This technique works well when plumbers need to clear built-up substances, such as grease. It raises the total price by around $250. Clog removal normally costs several times more if lines need to be replaced. New pipes and pipe disposal both increase the expense and usually cause it to surpass $400.

The process of clearing drains ranges from a relatively simple task to a major project, so the cost to clear a drain vary greatly. You might pay a plumber as little as $100 to eliminate a sink or bathtub clog with a pipe snake. An urban location or some added complexities could easily boost the bill to $200. However, people with more stubborn drain problems tend to pay around $500.

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