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How Much Does Interior Painting Cost?

All interior décor ideas involve a bit of painting. Everything, from choosing the right colors to hiring the best interior painting contractor, goes a long way into ensuring that you complete your project successfully.

You might have to spend hours studying color pallets, swatches, and patterns before coming up with the ideal décor. The cost to paint an interior will vary depending on a number of factors. We’ve gone through some of the most significant factors to help you make a decision faster.

Here's an Average Interior Painting Cost Breakdown

If you want to handle the painting on your own, you will have to buy paint and painting tools. 

Paint can cost you anywhere between $15 - $30 per gallon depending on the quality and finish you would prefer. Flat finish paints are great for hiding blemishes and are cheaper while vibrant gloss finish paints, though expensive, are washable hence more economical and easy to maintain.

On average, a gallon of paint covers 300 -  400 square feet. Here are some of the most popular brands to choose from and their related cost:

Brand $ per gallon High Gloss Semi-Gloss
Valspar $31  $20 up to $200
Benjamin Moore $55 $66 up to $400
Behr  $30 $30 up to $220
Olympic $45  $81 $120
Sherwin Williams $45 $62 $71

It's important to keep in mind that the cost to paint an interior room can vary by room type. A smaller room can cost more to paint based on the type of paint required and the number of coats. The bathroom or living room is a good example of this factor too. Kitchens would require less paint than a bedroom of the same size due to more wall area being covered by kitchen cabinets.

Consider the following labor and materials averages on the cost to paint your interior rooms at home:

  • Living Room (96 sq ft room):  $370 to $950
  • Kitchen (100 sq ft room): $155 to $320
  • Bathroom (40 sq ft room): $100 to $290
  • Bedroom (144 sq ft room): $200 to $400

 Click here for some tips on how to choose the ideal interior paint finish.

Other Considerations

Once you have your paint, you’ll then have to choose between brushes and rollers. Rollers are cheaper but tend to have a shorter lifespan. If you use a roller, be sure to buy lint-free roller heads as cheap paint roller covers tend to leave a bit of fuzz on the wall.

Your brushes, on the other hand, will range between $17 - $22 depending on brush bristles, but cheap brushes tend to leave streaky marks. It's worth paying a few extra dollars here.

When hiring a professional, expect to spend anything between $25 - $100 per hour on labor, depending on your region and the complexity of the job. Moving furniture and other prepping costs may not be included in their initial estimate, so be sure to enquire about it.  

Equally, if your walls are higher than 8ft or you have some crown molding, baseboards, wainscoting or other detailed interior painting work, contractors could charge extra. 

Professional interior painting contractors offer a better quality job. They will take a shorter time to complete the project and know how to deal with any defects better than a DIY enthusiast. Any specific contractor will base his or her per hour rates on the complexity of the job and any design flaws or features that will make the job harder.

Other Cost Determinants

Other important factors to consider when getting an estimate on the cost to paint interior includes:

  • The current condition of your walls. You will pay more to repair any blemishes before beginning the painting.
  • Does the wall need scraping and sanding before the painting? If yes, you will spend more time and money on the project.
  • Are there any additional permits needed to handle a major painting project in your region?

Extra Costs

  • Wallpaper removal: $150 - $265 per room
  • Lead-safe preparation: $65 - $240 per room
  • Window sash / door: $50 - $100 per item
  • Trim/bases/frames: $75 - $200 per room
  • Primer: $7 - $15 per can

What Is The Overall Cost To Paint The Interior Of My Home?

The biggest variant would be whether you choose to do the interior painting yourself or hire a professional. Hiring professionals generally guarantee a faster, high-quality finish, but it will cost more.

Other than DIY or using professional painters, your interior painting bill will vary depending on:

  • The overall size of the walls to be painted
  • The type of paint you choose to use on the walls
  • Intricate patterns or color mixtures will cost you more
  • Any complex molding or finishes that will complicate the process
  • The height of the walls and ceiling

For most American homeowners the average cost to paint interior comes in at around $1,700, but you can expect to spend as little as $400 for simple small room painting projects and as much as $4,500 for bigger projects done by professional painting contractors. 

Comparing a couple of quotes from multiple contractors will help you put a more accurate value on your painting project. You will also have to inspect a couple of warehouses and check out the paint prices as this is what will take up a large part of the overall cost.  

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