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How Much Does Interior Staining Cost?

Interior staining is one of the greatest ways to give your home a new look without spending a fortune. A new coat of wood stain will help you make your room look new and attractive with an instant makeover.

The cost to stain an interior and its unique layout will always vary depending on the size of the complexity of its overall design. Even though these are the basic cost determinants, it will do no harm to consider the insight a local professional can offer into all the factors which will dictate your costs in your particular region.

What Will Influences The Cost To Stain My Interior?

Mastering the major determinants of the cost will help you plan your project and budget better, and since hiring professionals is always a great idea for big important projects, our cost estimates will cover professional interior staining contractors. 

Here are the major factors to consider:

  • Labor : Contractors charge different rates in different areas. 
  • Site preparation: The amount of work the interior staining contractor will have to do when preparing surfaces and fixtures for staining.
  • Complexity: Accessibility of the surface to be stained affects the contractor’s rates. Lower walls are cheaper to stain compared to the ceiling, high walls or even intricate patterns.
  • Size of project: A bigger interior staining project will need more materials and labor. 
  • Type of stain: The quality of the stain will determine your initial investment. High-quality stains look better but cost more.

Labor Cost

A highly experienced professional will likely have the highest cost, but for good reason. Labor includes staining of surfaces and possible surface preparation.

Site Preparation

This can take up to 3 hours per 100 sq ft and involves masking or removal of hardware, sanding of surfaces, and application of stain and clear coat sealers. Professional contractors will plan for equipment and materials needed, setup, and cleanup.

Types Of Interior Stain

First, let's consider the types of interior stains available to you. Here you will have a few options, including:

  • pigmented or dye-based wipe stains
  • gel stains
  • other specialized products  ( Danish oil, stain polyurethane mixtures )

Most stains will cover 300 feet per gallon and can cost as little as $20 per gallon. For a higher grade stain, you could pay upwards of $120 per gallon

In most cases, interior stain also requires a protective top coat. This is to protect against moisture, solvents, and scratches. The wood will need to be sanded before staining can begin. This is to remove any marks or scratches which could be highlighted once the stain has been applied.

Interior staining can be a messy job, and any mistakes could cost you extra.  It's best to leave large tasks like this to a professional contractor who will be able to keep the overall cost to stain your interior to a minimum. A professional contractor can take care of any unforeseen problems with years of accumulated experience. 

Why Hire Professionals

Many people don’t understand the benefits of hiring a professional when doing an interior staining project. This is because it seems to be a simple chore fit for any handyman. However, if you are looking at huge projects, it is always a good idea to work with a professional. This guarantees you:

  • Faster time to delivery as a contractor can deploy multiple painters to handle the job.
  • High-quality results courtesy of the skill in mixing and applying the stain.
  • Only a professional will know how to best deal with any blemishes or unforeseen problem areas.
  • You will need a professional if you have intricate or artistic patterns in mind.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Stain The Interior of My Home? 

Other than the size, complexity of the design, and type of stain you choose, your cost to an stain interior will vary depending on the contractor you choose for the job and your specific location. 

On average, the cost of staining an interior in your home can be anywhere between $1,700 - $2,400, which should cover a semi-transparent, oil based stain with sealer.  This can even come in as low as  $1,100 for very small projects, but on the high-end homeowners can pay in the region about $4,000 for larger, more complex projects with higher-end stains where more site preparation required. It's important to remember that higher quality stains may cost more, but they are more durable and will last longer.

How To Keep Your Interior Staining Costs Low

Doing some share of the work can reduce the time and complications the contractor has to handle on the project. Simple things like cleaning up the walls or protecting the floor and removing furniture yourself will reduce the effective billing hours.

Furniture that needs to be moved can increase the price of staining significantly. You can expect to pay at least $100 a room for furniture relocation.

You could also offer to handle all the post-stain clean up... especially if the contractor insists on keeping the time running when handling the clean-up.

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