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How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is beautiful and durable. It is an excellent choice for older homes if you’re looking to maintain the vintage vibe of your property, and a sound investment for any homeowner who wants a unique product than the traditional asphalt shingling on most roofs.

The downside to metal roofing is cost. In addition to the high cost of materials for installation, metal roofing requires a bit of maintenance to protect against moisture. Allow the exposed metal to remain wet for long periods of time and, just as you might expect of any exposed outdoor metal, it will rust. The solution is metal roof painting, which requires a roofer or painter with specific experience. We discuss the costs involved in this home renovation project.

How Much Does metal roof painting Cost?

The average cost of metal roof painting can vary drastically based on the below factors. Generally, the cost to paint a metal roof will run $500 at the low end, and up to as much as $5,000 on the top end. The average American homeowner, on a metal roof painting job, will spend around $2,100. The main factors contributing to these costs include:

  • size and grade of the roof
  • prep work need before painting
  • materials used

There are very few homeowners who would be comfortable tackling this job as a DIY project. We recommend you compare quotes from local contractors. This will allow you to choose the best company to suit your needs. Receive tips and accurate quotes and take the opportunity to ask questions as well.

Size And Grade

Most roofing project estimates are based primarily on the square footage of your roof, and metal roof painting is no exception. If you have a large house, your roof is large too. But the size of your home isn’t the only consideration here. A roof with a steep pitch, or slope, is actually larger by area than a roof with less slope. Additionally, a steep pitch means that the professional on your roof incurs a greater risk, and has to use specialized equipment to secure himself to your roof while he works.

Prep Work

In order for paint to stick to the surface of your roof, the metal needs to be free of dirt and debris. Even if it appears clean, exposure to the elements over time results in a layer of grime on the metal. Make sure to have the roof thoroughly power-washed before starting on your painting project. Don’t skip this step, or you’ll be spending money on a paint job that won’t adhere properly.


Your roof will require a commercial-quality paint, as well as primer and sealer. Again, this is not a place to cut corners. With a proper primer base, your paint will cover and adhere properly. An appropriate sealer will ensure that despite years of exposure to sun, precipitation, and wind, your paint looks beautiful for years to come.


The pro that you hire will likely offer a warranty. Although a costly option, having many a years piece of mind is valuable, and the cost to paint a metal roof is already substantial, so take it into consideration.  

The cost of your warranty may be negotiable as well, so discuss the options with your contractor.

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