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How Much Does Lightning Protection Cost?

Millions of lightning strikes hit the Earth on a yearly basis, and a few of them are bound to hit houses. You probably have a nice TV, some expensive appliances and maybe a desktop computer plugged into your walls at any given time. If your home should ever be struck by lightning, these devices could all potentially be destroyed.  If you install lightning protection, you greatly reduce your chances of having to pay to replace those items. 

Professional Lightning Protection Installation

Installing a lightning protection system may seem extremely complicated, but the systems are often rather simplistic. It all starts high up in the air, usually atop your home or another high structure on your property with devices commonly known as lightning rods. In the industry, they're referred to as air terminals, but your lightning protection specialist will understand what you mean when you use the common phrase. Those terminals will connect through cables to buried grounding rods that bring the electric current underground and away from your home. 

How Much Will Lightning Protection Installation Cost?

You surely want to protect your home, family and electronic equipment from the dangerous power of lightening. The lightning protection installation process is going to come at a cost. To install lightning protection in your home will range anywhere from $400 to $3,200 depending on how many structures need to be protected and how tall your roofs are. The average estimate to install lightning protection is $1,100 which is about the cost of replacing one TV. More than a single TV would be destroyed should your home ever be struck by lightning. 

A common misconception about lightening rods is that they either attract lightening or prevent it from striking. This is a total and complete misunderstanding. If you install lightning protection, you're just going to help the electrical current get from the sky into the ground without going through your home and causing damage.

It's also very important to not just hire any local contractor to install lightning protection. There are actual certification programs that are available to prove those who install lightning protection are well-versed in their craft. Be sure to do a reference check before you agree to have any work done. 

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