Metal Stair Railing Cost


How Much Does Metal Stair Railing Cost?

If you are considering installing or replacing a stair railing in and around your home, you probably have a lot of questions regarding the costs involved to install these railings. There can be a wide variety of influences when it comes to the cost to install metal stair railings in or around your home. These factors can include the railing cost, the cost of materials, and supplies as well as the labor required to install them.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Metal Stair Railings?

Depending on various factors, including the length and type of railing you choose for your installation, your metal stair railing installation can range from anywhere between $400 up to as much as $800 for this project. On average, most American homeowners spend $600.

You can expect to pay up to $150 for the railings themselves, and this doesn't include the labor to install these railings or other materials essential to your metal stair railing installation. Labor charges can include:

  • planning your installation
  • acquisition of equipment and essential materials
  • prep and protection of surrounding areas
  • clean up once the project is completed

Metal stair railing is attractive as well as durable. For the best safety and style, consider using a professional contractor for this job. It's recommended that you compare at least 3 estimates before you begin. This way, you pay a fair price for quality guaranteed work.

Do I Need a Professional For My Metal Stair Railing Installation?

By hiring a professional to handle your metal stair railing installation, you are gaining from their experience and skill. They are prepared for any unexpected issues that may arise during your project and more than likely, already have the tools necessary to correct, adjust, or accommodate for any inconsistencies in measurements or fittings. In addition, a professional's experience and skill will help avoid costly mistakes, which will keep down the overall cost to install metal stair railings. With a local professional handling your metal stair railing installation, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that the job is done right.

How Can I find a Professional In My Area?

Finding the right local professional can sometimes be challenging, so we are here to help. Simply enter your zip code and you can be connected to experienced professionals in your area. Find out what your cost to install metal stair railings will be with a zero obligation, 100% absolutely FREE estimate from local experts in your area.

By entering your zip code, you are well on your way to a beautiful metal stair railing addition.


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