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How Much Does Minor Appliance Installation Cost?

New appliances installation at your home could be a nightmare. Simple things like fitting a freezer or wine cooler should be easy, but what if it doesn't fit the open space in the wall? If you are talking of modern appliances that weren’t part of your house in the first place, you must address all the logistics. These will vary from creating space to installing more plumbing or wiring to accommodate the new appliances. In this case, you will need a contractor to take charge of the job. Knowing the cost to install an appliance will help you budget your project better.

How Much Will It Cost To Install an Appliance?

Most of the cost to install an appliance will mainly depend on the following factors:

  • The complexity of the appliance.
  • How much the installation contractor has to modify your home to accommodate the appliance.
  • Any extra finishes needed to make the appliance blend in after the installation.

Expect to spend at least $100 on the cheapest appliance installation and up to $600 on bigger projects. The cost is within this range since it will only cater for the installation labor and any extra fixtures and doesn’t include the money you will spend on the appliance. On average, however, most of the homeowners will spend around $200 to handle their appliance installation projects.

If you are planning a kitchen or home improvement project, the best way to keep your appliance installation costs low is by including them in the renovation blueprint. It is better to have the plumbing, wiring and all the necessary fixtures in place as you do the rest of the work than waiting to handle it later on its own. Discuss this with contractors when comparing estimates.

What Actually Determines The Overall Cost To Install an Appliance?

Most of the installation experts will first ask you the type of appliance you want to install. This is the fastest way to determine the complexity of the appliance installation and any extra fixtures needed to make the installation work. Some of the most common appliances would be:

  • microwaves
  • bar fridge
  • wine cooler
  • coffee machine
  • smart home gadgets

The installation contractor will assess the appliance in question and compare it to your property. He or she will be interested in getting it in the right space, with the right plumbing and wiring. If the appliance needs Wi-Fi connectivity, the contractor can also help you get a network up and running.

How To Save On The Installation

Since most of the contractors will charge you per hour, handling any of the necessary preparations on your own will cut off some work hours. Get rid of any fixtures in the way if you can. If you have any plumbing or carpenter skills or someone to do this cheaply, have them lay down the necessary infrastructure before calling in the appliance installer. You can save quite a deal of money by handling those simple and menial tasks and leave the complicated ones to the professional.

Another way to keep your bills low would be purchasing your appliance from a dealer who offers free or subsidized installation costs. Do your research well before making a purchase, this will ensure that you leverage such perks from the right suppliers.

How To Get a Free Estimate

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