Outdoor Lighting Installation Cost


How Much Does Outdoor Lighting Installation Cost?

Outdoor lighting installation is becoming a very popular addition to exterior design plans for many homeowners, builders, and rehabbers in today's real estate market. 

It makes perfect sense for the excitement to be growing in the area of outdoor lighting due to the relatively low  cost to install outdoor lighting. 

There are, of course, a number of considerations to keep in mind when attempting to predict what your overall cost. You will need to consider how many fixtures you intend on installing, what types of fixtures and how far said lighting elements will have to be placed away from your structure.

How Much Will It  Cost To Install Outdoor Lighting?

Most lighting installation jobs being done are making use of low voltage systems. The benefit of a low voltage set-up is primarily a matter of safety. Should mother nature cause your buried wires to become exposed at any time, the actual electrical charge going through the lines will be so minimal that even if you or a loved one were to come in physical contact with any exposed wiring, barely even a shock could be felt. 

Average outdoor lighting installation costs can vary a bit, but most setups are going to fall within the range of $150 - $250. On average, you can expect to pay around $200. With that being said, the particular cost to install outdoor lighting is going to vary depending on a number of considerations such as: 

Type of fixtures

Some fixtures are as affordable as $25 per unit while others can range into the hundreds of dollars. Generally speaking, these are not part of an installation cost, but will affect the total cost of the job. 

Number of lighting elements

To light an entire walkway could require dozens of units whereas a simple flood lighting solution may only necessitate one or two lighting units.

Professional lighting installation can make a big difference to your property. It's highly recommended that you compare quotes from several contractors in your area before you decide to have any work done. This way you will be able to receive a price relevant to your region.

Distance from your structure

An interesting component of low-voltage outdoor lighting installation is their tendency to shine more dimly the further the lights are set away from the main electrical source. The way around this difficulty is to utilize higher-grade transformers or thicker gauge wiring. Each of these two solutions will see the costs rise.

Desired brightness

Some homeowners are not too picky and can live with their outdoor lighting elements being of differing brightnesses, as is often the result of using various types of fixtures being placed at varying distances from your home. Should you desire specific brightnesses or uniform brightness across all of your fixtures, that is going to require more careful planning, additional materials, and a higher labor charge for the job.

Hiring a Professional

There are other factors that can affect the final cost to install outdoor lighting, but these are certainly the most relevant variables at play. Should you see the benefit of adding a romance or safety-inspired outdoor lighting installation somewhere on your property, you should start by comparing accurate price estimates as a wise first step. 

Thankfully, you can simply enter your zip code in the space provided on this page, and take advantage of a 100% FREE, no-obligation price assessment from some of the very best local outdoor lighting specialist in your area. 

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