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How Much Does Roof Installation Cost?

Proper roof installation is essential for protecting a home's entire structure and all of its contents. This project becomes necessary 20 to 30 years after a new building's construction. This project requires extensive labor, various supplies and an assortment of costly equipment. Fortunately, high-quality roofing significantly improves a home's resale value and cuts maintenance costs. If you pay a professional to install a roof, you'll have to make several decisions on the materials and styling. These choices, including your location and the design of the building, have a major impact on the total price.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Roof?

Although roof installation involves many different expenses, roofers often charge by the number of square feet. Homeowners generally receive quotes of 90 cents to $1.50 per foot. These estimates include labor and materials, but they don't cover extra fees for complex roofs. The presence of a skylight typically adds about $200 to the price, and a chimney increases it by $150. Solar panels and rooftop air conditioners also result in greater expenses. These fixtures make the installation process more difficult and require extra materials. You might have the option to pay for an extended warranty as well.

Factors That Increase the Cost

A steep roof design usually results in a larger bill. It's more dangerous to work on these roofs, so contractors must charge more to compensate for insurance premiums and additional safety gear. Such angles also affect material cost to install a roof and increase the number of hours it takes to install. The same goes for height; you'll probably pay less if you have a one-story home. When a heavy roof requires a new wooden support structure, it normally boosts the price by at least $1,000, and you'll pay about $1,600 extra if a contractor needs to remove an old roof too.

From preparing the area and removing your old material all the way to the full roof installation, a knowledgeable contractor will be able to give you the best bang for your buck. Be sure to compare several quotes in order to be sure you get the best deal available on today's market.  

Different Roofing Materials

The roof type you select will make a big difference. For instance, wooden shingles cost about double the price of asphalt units. It also takes more effort to install them. 

Metal, tile and slate raise the price considerably, but they can substantially increase a roof's lifespan. Another way to boost durability is to pay extra for impact-resistant materials. In some cases, certain styles or colors will affect the price as well. It costs more to install any material on a house with numerous slopes, dormers and/or eaves.

  • Slate is expensive but durable
  • Asphalt remains most affordable
  • Steel costs less than aluminum

You might spend as little as $100 on a shingle roof for a small shed. However, the average homeowner pays around $6,000. High-end materials or a complex roof may increase the bill to $11,000. Your expenses will vary by about $1,500 depending on the region you live in. 

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