Stone Fireplace Installation Cost


How Much Does Stone Fireplace Installation Cost?

If you are a homeowner considering adding a new fireplace to your home, there are a variety of attractive options. You won't find much of a problem incorporating stone as a material choice into the mantle design for any type of fireplace you choose. Stone fireplace installation is a procedure with which you would definitely want to contract a professional's help. It can involve detailed masonry, general contracting, and occasionally running gas or electric lines, depending on the type of heating device you choose.

You might want the look of a stone fireplace installation, but you don't need to take the traditional option of making wood your energy source. Today there are many choices including natural gas, electric, and propane.

Which option makes the most sense for your home has a lot to do with your priorities and the logistics of your home. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Stone Fireplace?

Typical stone fireplace installation jobs are going to cost between $800 and $4500 depending on the type of fireplace chosen and the quality of materials used for the hearth and mantle. The average estimate for stone fireplace installation is $1800.

Another factor to take into consideration is the local permits and regulations in your county regarding fireplace installation. Some areas are actually prohibiting new wood-burning fireplace installations due to the carbon dioxide emissions resulting from large quantities of wood being burnt in an area. 

Various fireplace types and their relative benefits:

  • Traditional wood-burning: When you think of a typical stone fireplace installation, you're probably thinking of wood logs burning and smoke rising up a chimney. While this traditional option is still very popular, it does require regular maintenance.
  • Natural gas: A natural gas fireplace is cleaner than the traditional wood-burning option and still requires a moderate degree of labor during the installation process. 
  • Electric: Similar to natural gas, an electric fireplace can save you money on the install side and will involve less maintenance compared to a wood-burning fireplace.
  • Propane: Propane is popular because of its ability to be installed and fueled rather easily. Propane tanks can be placed conveniently.

The cost to install a stone fireplace is going to depend on a wide array of factors. Of course, it will have something to do with the type of heating source you utilize for your fireplace, but it also depends on the type of stone accent work you prefer. 

Material options for any stone fireplace installation:

  • slate
  • marble
  • granite
  • limestone
  • cement
  • brick

The material you choose has mostly to do with the appearance and look you are trying to achieve for your fireplace area from a design and decoration standpoint. Granted, some materials on the list are most costly than others and some will hold on to soot more than others as well.

Consult with the installation technician that visits your home for more insight on the various advantages and disadvantages of the possible materials. They will be able to offer you the most cost-effective solution and the key to a successful installation project. 

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