Stone Fireplace Repair Cost


How Much Does Stone Fireplace Repair Cost?

Fireplaces form an excellent social area in your living room. They are not only aesthetically appealing but, also an excellent way to keep your home’s temperatures high in winter without putting too much strain on your AC.

Keeping your stone fireplace in good working condition will keep it working perfectly and reduce any fire hazards or air contamination from smoke. The cost to repair a stone fireplace will vary depending on the chimney design and the kind of damage in question. Consider these cost estimates and factors that will determine your stone fireplace repair costs.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Stone Fireplace?

Expect to spend as little as $200 on minor stone fireplace repair and, on some occasions, up to as much as $1,500 on major overhaul projects. Normally, the cost to repair a stone fireplace will be low unless it has suffered direct physical damage, or it’s structural strength and functionality has deteriorated over time.

Nonetheless, most American homeowners will spend an average of $400 on stone fireplace repair.

The cost will also depend on the intricacy of your fireplace. Any exotic fixtures or designs will require a highly skilled mason to repair or maintain. The best way to getting the stone fireplace repair quote right is by talking to an actual contractor. Compare estimates from multiple contractors for the best deal and quality workmanship. Ask questions so you have peace of mind once repairs commence.

Maintenance Vs. Repair

While most people will think of repairs once their fireplace isn’t working fine, regular maintenance could be all you need to keep your stone fireplace working optimally. The most common stone fireplace repairs will involve:

  • Cleaning off the creosote resin that accumulates in your chimney when you burn cured firewood. Expect to spend between $100 and $150 depending on the thickness of the creosote and tar layer.
  • Regular inspection of the chimney cover to ensure that it is not damaged and leaking.
  • Burning citrus or potato peels could help discourage creosote and tar build-up. Alternatively, you can burn fireplace cleaning logs for the same effect.
  • Maintenance will not involve replacing any part of the stone fireplace. It is, however, important as it helps prevent scenarios that could damage your fireplace and prompt expensive repairs.

Different Types Of Fireplace Repair

The three most common stone fireplace repair jobs will revolve around sealing cracks, waterproofing, and crown repair.

Cracks will result from the expansion and contraction of masonry joints as the temperatures fluctuate. Cracks will let smoke and stray embers leak into your walls or onto the roof. The size and location of the crack will determine the cost to fix it. Small cracks will need a bit of mortar paste while anything that affects the structural integrity of the fireplace and chimney will cost you more.

Water leaks will arise from any cracks on the crown or in sections of the chimney that are above the roof. Fixing water leaks involves sealing the responsible cracks.

Crown repairs are rare. Your crown rarely takes any structural strain. It will usually stay in place unless there is a natural disaster. However, if your crown isn’t well designed, it could develop cracks or warp. Water in these cracks will erode the mortar allowing water to seep into your walls and the fireplace.

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