Surround Sound Installation Cost


How Much Does Surround Sound Installation Cost?

With most video and audio material now supporting surround encoding, there would be no better time to install a complete surround sound system like now. Surround sound adds some punch to your music and depth to your movies creating a more immersive and impressive experience that will make every moment worthwhile.

The tenacity of surround sound systems stretches out the price range from a couple hundred dollars to a good few thousand depending on the size and capabilities of your surround sound installation. Here is the general cost to install surround sound and some variables that will affect these installation costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Surround Sound?

The cost to install surround sound will range from $1500 to $3400. This price range caters for comprehensive surround systems that are sufficient for a living room or small home theater setting. Most homeowners will spend an average of $2400 on highly efficient surround sound installation.

Unlike other projects, the bulk of the surround installation bill goes into purchasing the surround system. The labor cost is relatively small and will vary depending on the size of the surround system. Actually, most vendors will give installation labor complements of the house.

The greatest determinants of the cost to install surround sound will, therefore, be the actual cost of the sound system that depends on:

  • The model and capabilities of the surround system’s drive unit with respect to sound processing, playback and control options
  • The size and power of the system. Surround systems measure their output power in watts per channel. The more the wattage the more powerful hence expensive the system would be
  • Whether you will be using stock speakers or you will make your own customs that match your décor
  • The choice between wireless speakers and cable speakers

Surround sound is a considerable upgrade to any already existing home entertainment system. Talking to a surround sound installation expert for advice before making the final purchase is paramount. This will ensure that you buy synonymous components at the best market price possible. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to compare at least 3 estimates from local surround sound installation pros.

How To Choose Your Surround Sound System

The choice of the surround sound installation will always affect the installation costs. Learning some of the basic tradeoffs will help you make the best decision when purchasing your surround sound system. The most common options to consider include:

  • rooms to span
  • wired or wireless
  • speaker type and quality

Rooms To Span

Including more rooms into your surround system will not only increase on the hardware needed to actuate the plan but also increase the project’s complexity. You will need a more powerful drive unit and more speakers to implement the system. Moreover, you will need an expert to run the speaker cables correctly unless you are using a wireless surround system.

Wired Or Wireless

A wireless surround sound installation is neat. You can integrate the system into your home wireless network and you won’t have to call an expert to set it up. These surround sound installation, though costlier, tend to produce a lower sound quality as compared to their wired counterparts.

Speaker Type And Quality

You will have to choose between mounted or integrated speakers that could either be custom or stock made. Integrated speakers produce better sound but could be more expensive as they will be integrated into something like a shelf or cabinet. Mounted speakers are cheaper independent units that you can place wherever you please. These tend to be cheaper.

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