Tennis Court Construction Cost


How Much Does Tennis Court Construction Cost?

Making the decision to begin tennis court construction carries a lot of weight and can be a costly affair. Once it's done, however, it can bring years of enjoyment for you and your family, not to mention the benefit of adding value and curb appeal to your home. Cost can certainly be a deciding factor when it comes to such a large project, but keep in mind, this investment will pay for itself over time. Below we will discuss the deciding factors and overall cost to construct a tennis court.

How Much Will It Cost To Construct A Tennis Court?

No two projects are the same, but on average, your cost to construct a tennis court can range anywhere from $5,000, up to as much as $10,200. Your specific needs and material choices can significantly affect your cost of construction, so it's important to talk with your professional to identify and decide which options are best suited to your needs. One of the largest cost affecting factors is the type of tennis court you choose to construct. The most common materials used to construct a tennis court can include:

  • Grass: One of the most challenging materials, requiring daily maintenance for optimal performance. Generally unrealistic for most homeowners. 
  • Clay: Popular among elite tennis players, while it can slow game play, clay proves beneficial in naturally humid climates with less cracking and limited maintenance required. 
  • Asphalt: Durable with a lifespan of 20+ years, and are more affordable than concrete courts, however, in hotter climates this material can warp and sink slightly potentially leading to player injuries.
  • Post-tensioned concrete: The most popular material as it's strength and integrity are long lasting. These types of courts can also be colored and used for a variety of sports.

By hiring a professional to work with you during your construction, you can be sure to find the best solutions that will suit your needs. Of course, it's important to remember that you should always get more than one professional estimate before you hire your contractor. This can help you to gain some insight into the current pricing trends in your area, as well as, allow you to get a personal feel for which contractor you might work with best during your tennis court construction. 

Added Tennis Court Construction Costs

Preparation is key in this type of construction project, so it's essential to add any excavation and other prepping material costs to your overall tennis court construction budget. Other extras that can influence your final costs of construction can include lighting for nighttime play, backboards and rebound nets for solo play, score keepers, seating for spectators, and more. Be sure that any extras you want are included in your estimate so that you are completely satisfied with the end results without any surprises in your tennis court construction budget. 

How Can I Find An Experienced Professional In My Area?

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