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How Much Does Timber Frame Installation Cost?

A good timber framing installation forms the backbone of any new construction. Even though stronger and bigger structures might use steel or iron frames, timber frames are the most common and applicable in the domestic arena.

Since the frame will support all the fixtures in the building, it is crucial that you invest in a high-quality structure that will withstand the strain and the test of time. The cost to install timber framing will vary depending on your project specifications, your region, and current pricing trends. Below are some cost estimates and some of the most notable factors that affect the cost, but first, a breakdown of what you will be paying for.

Where Do Timber Framing Installation Costs Go? 

While you will want the strongest and most exotic timber for your frame, the timber framing installation costs will always force you to make tradeoffs when planning your project. Understanding the cost determinants in detail will help you understand what to consider and what to ignore when making the decisions.

  • Frame size and cost: The amount of timber you use will determine the cost to install timber framing. Framing a 500 sq ft structure would, naturally, be cheaper than framing 2000 square feet. Keeping this in mind when planning your construction will help you keep your plans within the size range you can afford.
  • Complexity of design: Complex designs will not only take more timber but also require more hours from highly skilled contractors. Another notable design factor rests on the steepness of the roof. Steeper roofs might not be complex but will be harder to install as opposed to less steep ones. The timber framing installation contractor will charge you more to cover this up.
  • Choice of material: You will have to choose between common softwood timber and exotic hardwoods. The exotic hardwoods are stronger and versatile but more expensive. Treating any timber will make it more durable, but it will cost extra. You could also opt to go for thicker pieces of lumber when doing the timber framing installation to avoid spending too much on a thinner, stronger hardwood timber.
  • Labor: Labor costs will differ in different regions, and contractors will also differ in their overall rate. Be sure to compare several cost estimates from contractors near you in order to get a feel for current pricing trends in your area.

The overall cost to install timber framing can be hefty. This major project needs a lot of planning and consultation, and it is by no means a simple DIY task. Take the time to get your facts right before consulting with multiple contractors to compare prices and references. Ask questions and you will find the best contractor for your new timber framing project while also getting an exact feel for pricing trends in your region.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Timber Framing?

Timber framing installation will vary in price based on several factors, as mentioned above, but none more so that your specific region and the ever-fluctuating prices of lumber. For an average 2,500 sq ft timber framing installation, you can expect to spend anywhere between about $3 - $12 per sq ft on materials alone, or roughly $7,500 - $30,000. 

Framing labor can cost anywhere between $2 - $12 per sq ft. For an average 2500 sq ft timber framing installation, expect to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $30,000. Don't be put off by this high-end price though, as materials typically cost more than labor. The average labor costs usually come in at around $6 - $8 per sq ft, or between $15,000 and $20,000 for an average 2,500 sq ft framing installation. 

Based on these totals, the cost to install timber framing can start at around $10,000 - $12,500, but depending on the materials you choose, the complexity and the size of your project, the overall price can be in excess of $50,000

If you make the perfect balance between size, material, and design, you could complete your timber framing installation within budget. Remember, even though someone quotes you, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the knowledge and experience to do the job. It's of utmost importance to compare several quotes from reputable contractors in your region to get a feel for current pricing trends. Doing so will also allow you to find a contractor that will suit your particular project as you request a free estimate alongside checking their references. 

4 Tips To Keep Your Timber Framing Installation Costs Low

The best way to cut down on your timber framing installation costs is by making tradeoffs on the above factors. Stick to the following tips, and you should be able to keep the overall cost to install timber framing for your home to a minimum:

  1. Don’t build something bigger than you are willing to spend on.
  2. Stick to a design you are willing to pay for.
  3. Make wise tradeoffs between timber strength and cost depending on how long you want the structure to last.
  4. Make any preparations on your own to help make the contractors work easier and faster.

Since each timber framing installation contractor offers a variety of timber-frame house plans, building services and wood species, You should investigate all companies in your region to know what your options are  before you talk seriously to any company.

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