Wood Fence Repair Cost


How Much Does Wood Fence Repair Cost?

Wood fences are both functional and necessary. They will keep your property private, deter intruders, keep your pets and children in check and give it a characteristic aesthetic appeal. Since wood is organic, it is susceptible to rot and attack from parasites and insects. Even though treated wood fences have longer lifespans, there will always come a time when you have to do some wood fence repair if you are to maintain the fence’s aesthetics and functionality. A good repair project should not only focus on replacing worn-out beams and planks but also identify root cause for every failed post or plank.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Wood Fence?

The cost to repair a wood fence depends on the type of wood and the affected size. Since wood fence repairs are general contractor jobs, the labor costs associated with the project is usually reasonable. The better part of the wood fence repair bill will go into purchasing the replacement and repair material.

Expect to pay as little as $100 for tiny repairs that either involve replacing a few planks or staining the wood fence, but this can go up to $1000 for major overhauls. Most people will, however, spend an average of $400 to do a successful wood fence repair.

Choosing a good contractor who offers an acceptable per hour or full project charge will help you keep the costs down. It's important that you compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors, and be sure to check references before you agree to do work with any company.

Factor To Consider

Your repair bill primarily depends on the condition of the fence. Extensive repairs that address major sections of the fence will be more expensive as they will need more labor and material to repair.

Additional factors that contribute to the wood fence repair cost include:

Type of wood 

Hardwood, though durable, is expensive to purchase and most contractors will charge more when working with it.

The state of the fence’s foundation

Most fences sit on a concrete foundation to help slow down rotting. You will spend more if you have to replace or erect a foundation.

Cost of stain or paint

The cost of the stain or paint you will use to give your wood its final look. This will depend on the quantity and quality of the stain or paint.

How to size up the project

A brief inspection of the fence always gives a perfect idea of the expected cost to repair a wood fence. It will also guide you into making the right decision when contracting your wood fence repair expert.

Simple blemishes and rots can turn into cheap DIY projects or an independent contractor. Bigger sections of the fence will need the hand of a professional contractor. The contractor will not only handle the project faster but also help you get wholesale discounts when purchasing the paint, wood and additional material needed to complete the wood fence repair.

The best way to keeping your wood fence repair bill within check is by handling tiny repairs as they arise. Wood rot and damage is infectious. It will start at one spot before infecting huge chunks of the fence. Doing damage mitigation before the problem spreads will help you spend less on material and labor.

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