Wood Stair Railing Repair Cost


How Much Does Wood Stair Railing Repair Cost?

When your wood stairs and railings are put together, the parts are commonly held together using wood glue and wood screws. In many wood stair railing repair jobs, the contractor will just need to apply new wood glue or re-set the railing and secure it with a few new screws.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Wood Stair Railing?

You should set aside a minimum of $100, but anywhere up to $1,500 for a wood stair railing repair project is possible. The average cost to repair wood stair railing components, however, is $600.

Most wood stair railings are stained, and when repair work is done it's very important to make sure that no glue runs out onto the visibly stained surface as it will mar the look of the stained railing.

A shoddy repair job will leave evidence of repair having once been done, making your wood staircase less visually appealing.If the job is attempted by an amateur or without a proper technique, it is very possible to crack the railing, requiring a whole new railing replacement. A professional repair job not only holds up longer but it will also be visually superior.

Safety is Top Priority

Another important reason to address a wood stair railing repair job right away is the safety risk it creates. If somebody is losing their balance and goes to reach for your stair railing and finds that it's shaky, it may fail to help them catch their balance. You don't want to risk a fall or an injury to a friend or loved one when a wood stair railing repair job can be done affordably and quickly.

When your wood stair railing repair specialists visit you to provide accurate repair pricing, they'll also assess the other components of your wood stairs. In addition to a wood stair railing repair, you might also need to have your newel posts secured, balusters fastened and sharp edges in your wood sanded back down to a safe and attractive condition. 

The best way to get a solid grasp on what your repair work will entail is to get the opinion of trained and experienced wood stair railing repair professionals. Local repair specialists will be more than willing to visit your home and provide you with a custom estimate for their services.

How To Get in Touch With Local Professionals 

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How To Get Your Free Estimate

To start, simply enter your home zip code into the form on this page below and a local wood stair railing repair experts will reach out to you to provide a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimates for their services. 


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