Wood Stair Railing Cost


How Much Does Wooden Stair Railing Cost?

Stair railings are both aesthetic and functional. They make your stairs safer while adding to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Over time, your stair railing is bound to become loose or appear worn out. They become an interior décor nightmare and a health hazard. 

Repairing or replacing your stair railing eventually becomes inevitable. Wood stair railing is an amazing alternative as it brings the undeniable harmony and warmth of nature into the home whilst providing reliable security to anyone using the stairs.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Wood Stair Railing?

The predominant factor that determines the cost to install a wood stair railing is the complexity of the stairs. Most people will spend as low as $400 on simple straight staircases. Spiral or complex wood stair railings will cost you up to around $800.

The size of the stairs and the actual design of the railing will determine how much time and wood go's into making and installing the stair railing. This will also have a significant impact on the overall cost to install a wood stair railing.

Most homeowners with average staircases and average design ideas will spend around $600 to install their wood stair railing.

Wood stair railing adds safety and a traditional appeal to your stairs. By making use of a contractor you are partnering with experienced professionals who will get the job done with the least amount of hassle. For the best prices, we recommend comparing quotes from local carpenters before you go ahead with hiring.

Signs That You Should Replace Your Railing

While most people will replace their railing every now and then to change their home’s ambiance, other homeowners would rather stick to their wood stair railing till it can’t hold anymore. Some of the telltale signs that you should replace your railing include:

  • Loose railings that wobble when someone leans onto or uses them for support
  • Squeaking stairs don’t necessarily mean you have to replace the entire staircase. The problem could be your wood stair railing
  • Broken railings mostly need replacement especially if it is an ornate railing that will show any repair
  • Broken stairs will more often than not take down the railings with them. Install new and strong railings when replacing the stairs

What Determines The Actual Cost Of Installing Wood Stair Railing?

The cost to install a wood stair railing boils down to the material and the labor. The cost of purchasing the actual wood railing depends on whether you are buying prefabricated railing or wood to make your own custom railing. Either way, the cost per foot will vary depending on the type of wood in question. If you are buying a prefabricated wood stair railing, the railing’s finish will also determine your final bill.

Most carpenters will charge you per hour. The rates will vary depending on the complexity of the installation. Expect to pay more if the carpenter has to make custom railing off raw lumber. Talking to a couple of carpenters before hiring will ensure that you choose the perfect skill-cost balance.

Wood stair railing is versatile if installed and treated properly. This is why you should never turn it into a DIY project unless you are a professional carpenter.

Even though there are many easy to install railings in the market, calling in an expert will ensure that your railing is firm, and the stairs safe. This will guarantee you a unique design that complements your interior decor without turning your stairs into a death trap.

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