Wrought Iron Fence Installation Cost


How Much Does Wrought Iron Fence Installation Cost?

Wrought iron fences are a fashion statement. They give you a unique perimeter that is as aesthetic as it is functional. Since the fence appearance, size and patterns vary, the cost to install a wrought iron fence is a variable that depends on a couple of fence specific factors. Due to this, a great deal of the wrought iron fence installation may require an on-site inspection and design analysis before the contractor can give you an accurate quote. These price estimates, however, should always be within a specific range. Below we will discuss some hard-figure estimates and what determines the cost.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

Most wrought iron fence installation projects will average at $5500. Smaller and simpler installations could go for as low as $3500 while big projects using intricate or custom fashioned fences would cost you in excess of $7600.

Despite its relatively high cost in comparison to other fencing options, wrought iron fences are more durable. They can endure frequent strain and are perfect at maintaining their own against weather elements.

The actual cost to install a wrought iron fence will depend on:

  • The thickness of the wrought iron fence installation. Thicker rods are more expensive
  • The overall size of the wrought iron fence
  • The intricacy of the fence decorations. Intricate fences need more time to fabricate and will also determine the hours and skills spent on the fence
  • The kind of finish applied to the fence. This could be paint, galvanizing, or just leaving the fence to assume that charming rustic look over time

Wrought iron fence installation is a balance between strength and style but they aren't cheap. One of the easiest ways to save when beginning this project is by comparing quotes from local contractors and fence builders. This way you have up to date prices for your region as well as being able to select one that suits your budget.

Why Install a Wrought Iron Fence?

The biggest benefit of installing wrought iron fences is that they require less maintenance and will live longer. You will rarely have to strain your iron fence or replace loose posts. All you have to do to slow down the rust is to apply a fresh coat of paint or finishing after the wrought iron fence installation.

The sturdiness of a wrought iron fence makes it one of the most efficient security barricades in the business. Topping the fence with sharp spikes that hinder scaling of the fence will render your premises virtually impregnable. The thin and hard-wrought irons are hard to scale and too strong to tear down.

Finally, wrought iron fences are a strong décor statement. The fence stands out nicely, moreover, a wrought iron fence installation will always add value to your home.

Hiring a Professional Contractor

Most of the wrought iron fence installation processes will call for custom fabrication. Even though you might stick to a predetermined design, the contractor will have to weld up the wrought iron into a fence before doing the installation.

The skill, expertise, and influence of your wrought iron fence installation contractor will have a huge impact on your overall bill. A good contractor can get you the material at cheaper wholesale prices. An experienced contractor will create strong fences that are hard to tear down and attractive to the eye.

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