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Avoid These 5 Common Window Installation Mistakes

Windows add character and can completely change the style of a home's exterior and interior. When you get it right, windows can become one of the main features of your home.

To be honest, there aren't many remodeling projects that will add as much curb appeal to your home like professional window installationModern window installations

There are, of course, many window styles to choose from, and this includes a wide range of designs and specifications, alongside energy efficient options and more. 

However, choosing the right style with function can become overwhelming once you start to look into your options, and the window industry is loaded with jargon only a salesman should know.  

In an effort to simplify your window installation, we've compiled a list of the top 5 most common mistakes that homeowners make when replacing their windows. 

These Are The 5 Mistakes You Absolutely Must Avoid

1. Poor Window Placement

Decide what the exact purpose of your windows will be. Will the space need more light or less? Also, should your windows be fixed or do they need to open?

A casement window rotates outward and can be perfect for kitchens. Double hung windows can be a chore to open and close when cabinets or counters force you to require a longer reach to open and close them, similar to exterior obstructions. Also keep in mind that an open awning or casement style window can block an outside walkway. 

2. Underestimating The Elements

Do you know what type of window will best suit your particular home and its climate? There are several environmental factors which inevitably take their toll on a home's exterior windows. It's important to take the rising and setting of the sun into consideration when planning your window installation.

You don't want to create too much late afternoon sunlight in the home, and equally, a rising sun baking your bedroom at 6am. Ideally, you want the home to heat up and cool naturally through the day. Besides using energy efficient glass, this will help keep utility bills lower year round. 

3. Poor Scheduling

Having your windows replaced can be an extremely disruptive process. It is no small undertaking. Be sure to schedule your installation at a time that will suit your household.

Old windows will be removed, creating a large amount of dust and debris. Therefore, furniture must firstly be moved or covered to stay protected. Once the installation is complete, all the debris must still be removed. 

Also consider that having the installation done will leave a part of your home exposed. Be sure to schedule your window installation around the weather conditions. 

4. Beware Of Cheap Imitations

Replacing your stock glass windows with an efficient ENERGY STAR window will greatly lower your utility bills. There is a wide range of energy efficient windows available on the market from multiple manufacturers.

This is really one of those cases where, if the price seems to good to be true, it probably is. Also, beware of a 'you must buy now' policy.  Only deal with reputable companies like Anderson, Milgard, Marvin and Pella. Also look into Low-E glass, glazing, and other energy savings options and speak one of these contractors before you make any final decisions.

An energy efficient home will fetch a much higher price on the property market and is also likely to sell 22% faster than normal homes. 

5. Avoid Costly DIY Mistakes

Avoid costly DIY mistakes.Having professional window installation is arguably the most important decision you can make during the whole installation process. The bottom line is that replacement windows are only as good as their installation.

Without proper installation, they windows simply won't last. Be wary of a window installation which depends heavily on sealants or builders foam. 

It's always wise to use your home's architectural design as a guide, but having a professional contractor on board will prove to be invaluable. A knowledgeable contractor will help you choose a window design to suit both the interior and the exterior of your home. 

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Professional?

A professional installer will have vital industry knowledge of window designs and materials which they will be able to share with you. A knowledgeable contractor will also be able to guide you through all your choices while providing you with insight and invaluable advice - not only specific to your particular installation for your home, but also of the brands which hold up better in your region.

Replacement windows will offer one of the best returns on investment, provided they have been installed correctly. A reputable installation contractor will be able to maximize your return on investment by offering you the following benefits:

  • A quality installation 
  • Resources to get the job done fast
  • Removal of all debris 
  • Warranty 

Find a Reputable Contractor 

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