Glass Block Installation Cost


How Much Does Glass Block Installation Cost?

Glass block installation is an easy way to add beauty and intrigue to any room. Regardless of if you are building glass block windows, or a glass block shower, you will find they can add quite a bit of class and appeal to any home.

A glass block window also provides additional security for basement windows. They are completely shatterproof and there is nothing that can be pried open to gain entry to the home. Security and privacy are two of the main reasons people install these.

Glass block installation may also help to insulate and weatherproof leaky basement windows thanks to their airtight installation and durability. Choose from a number of different patterns and styles, such as the frosted or clear block.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Glass Blocks?

The cost to install glass blocks, on average, costs $800. On the low end, you may find installation services for around $200 and on the high end $1,500. It is important to keep in mind that there are some factors that can impact the cost of this installation service. For example, where you live in the country can impact the installation costs, but for a small, 2’ by 2’ window, you should expect to pay between $100 and $300 for installation, which will not include the actual glass blocks. A larger glass block installation in a shower can cost as much as $3,000.

Glass Block installation is not difficult if you have patience, the right tools and someone to help you. This job does require some skill and can become messy. It's better to let a contractor handle all these tasks. We recommended you get in touch with local professionals and compare several estimates to get the best deal possible.

As a general rule, a quality glass block mason will charge between $50 and $60 per hour. If the cost is significantly lower or higher than this, then you should ask questions and make sure the person hired is not trying to cut corners or just overcharging for no apparent reason.

Is DIY Glass Block Installation Smart?

The fact is, the installation of glass blocks can be quite complicated. This is especially true if the blocks are going to be installed on the second floor of a home. The hassle and stress alone are not worth the few dollars you may save on the cost to install glass blocks.

It is a good idea to seek several estimates from installation professionals to help ensure that the best possible deal is received for the work. In some cases, a contractor may low ball the price but beware of lower than average estimates since this may result in a contractor trying to cut corners or provide subpar results for the job that needs to be done.

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