Motorized Blinds Cost


How Much Do Motorized Blinds Cost?

Most of what we love about our home is its ability to keep us out of the elements, keep us safe and to help store and protect our belongings. That all said, once you get the basic requirements of your home under control, you begin to look for ways to make it more aesthetically pleasing, more comfortable and more convenient. Installing motorized blinds is certainly a great way to do so.

Factors To Consider

Before you tackle the question of cost to install motorized blinds, there are a few important considerations to take into account.

  • High voltage or low: This choice comes down to a wiring type decision. Most motorized blinds installers will advise using high voltage wiring as they can be utilized to power a smaller or larger motor, whereas low-voltage wiring can only power smaller motors.
  • AC vs DC: Small window treatments will function well on DC power, but larger and heavier screens will need to have an AC power source.
  • Pre-construction or post: The cost to install motorized blinds will nearly always be higher if they are installed after the walls of your home have gone up. It is still possible to install them after your home is complete but you should expect to pay more.

The result of these considerations and choices will have a great deal to do with what you should expect to pay in the end for your motorized blinds installation. It's always recommended that you compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your area to get a feel for your regional pricing trends. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install Motorized Blinds?

Generally speaking, the cost you should expect to pay will be anywhere between $100 and $800, with an average cost being $200. Beyond the type of motor, wiring and size of the blinds, there are additional considerations that can affect the cost. Most notable among these is the type of material you wish to use for your blinds. Now, more than ever, there exists an enormous range of material options available if you're considering motorized window treatments for your home. 

Get In Touch With Local Professionals

If you think a motorized blinds treatment is the right choice for your home decor, you'll want to get in touch with local professionals who offer installation and sales services.

To find out the specific cost to install your motorized blinds, simply enter your zip code into the form on this page and trained experts will reach out to you. They'll provide no-obligation, 100% FREE estimates for their installation services and also expose you to the vast array of material choices available. 


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