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How Much Does Home Window Tinting Cost?

Home window tinting delivers an assortment of substantial benefits.Although tinted glass was primarily only found in cars at one time, homeowners can tint household windows anytime. Darker glass ensures greater privacy and prevents bright sunlight from causing eyestrain. It also stops the sun from making your fabrics fade. Another benefit of tinting is that it helps keep a house cool during sunny weather.

While it's possible to install tinted films yourself, professional installation normally yields the best results. It saves time, gives the windows a more attractive appearance and usually increases the lifespan of the film.

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Home Windows?

People are frequently billed by the square foot for the cost to tint home windows. Depending on its brand and characteristics, you can expect to pay around $2 to $4.25 for each foot of tinted film. These products are usually of higher quality than those found in home improvement or auto part stores. Most installers give customers several tinting options to choose from. On average, the contractor will add a labor charge of about $3 per square foot. This fee may reach as high as $6 in some situations. Such costs include the expense of maintaining commercial vehicles, ladders, and various other tools.

What Causes Installers To Adjust The Price?

In addition to the size and quantity of windows you want to darken, the window shape is also important. It's easier to apply tinting films to standard shapes. You'll pay more to tint unusual shapes, such as circles, triangles or ovals. 

  • square footage
  • tint film quality
  • height of windows
  • window shapes

The cost will vary depending on the darkness and quality of the film. Furthermore, the placement of the windows can make a big difference. You will probably spend more if you have skylights or windows near high ceilings. This necessitates the use and transportation of costly ladders. It also creates a safety hazard and causes the project to take longer.

Home window tinting leads to many benefits, including saving on heat bills and protecting furniture. Why not get in touch with local professionals in your area today to reap the benefits of this relatively inexpensive service?

Average, Low And High Costs For This Service

Homeowners report spending a wide range of amounts on glass tinting. The lowest cost to tint home windows is about $100. You might pay this little if you only want to darken one or two easily-accessible windows and don't ask for top-of-the-line materials. The average tinting bill costs approximately $600. This covers film application for numerous windows and/or the use of high-end films. You may need to spend up to $1,400 if you want to tint every pane in a large house. Multiple irregular glass shapes or difficult-to-access work areas could also result in a high installation fee.

Finally, it's important to realize that your location affects the price. Local demand for this service varies depending on how much sunlight your town or city receives. Since tinting is completely optional, contractors may not be able to charge as high rates in cloudier, cooler or less affluent regions. Home window tinting companies don't have as many business locations as electricians or plumbers, so travel expenses can be significant in some areas. 

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