Motorized Window Shades Cost


How Much Do Motorized Window Shades Cost?

Motorized window shades free you from the mess of cords and the hassle of blind rods. These types of blinds make it easy to manage the amount of natural light coming into your living space and are effortlessly controlled and adjusted. In the past, motorized draperies, shades, and blinds were believed to be an indulgence, available to just the richest of the rich. However, thanks to innovative technology and hardware, this once luxury is now available for virtually anyone. There are quite a few benefits to the installation of motorized blinds, including safety and ease of use.

Types of Motorized Window Shades

The cost to install motorized window shades is impacted by several different types components, which include:

  • RF radio frequency
  • battery operated
  • plug in
  • hardwired

Each of these options can be controlled with a remote control, similar to your television remote, or a wall switch. With a simple click, the window coverings will open and close – just like that.

Another factor that will have to be decided is the actual material and design of the blinds. Some of the most popular options include:

  • roman shades
  • woven woods
  • wood blinds
  • honeycomb pleated shades

Speaking with a professional will help you determine what the exact cost of the installation will be. Most installers will have their own method of breaking down the costs, which means it is essential to take some time to seek several estimates prior to hiring someone.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Motorized Window Shades?

When you begin looking into the cost to install motorized window shades, you will find the prices usually begin at about $200. The average cost most homeowners end up paying for motorized window shades is around $500. This would cover most of the main rooms in the home. On the high side, if you have a large home with many windows and you plan to install shades with premium designs and materials, you can pay as much as $800. There are quite a few factors that can impact the final the cost of these shades and their installation. These factors include:

  • The type of blinds you have installed. There are various types of blinds including wood, cellulose, plastic, fabric, etc
  • The operation type (as described above)
  • The number of windows in the home. The more windows, the higher the cost will be
  • The brand of blinds selected
  • The total amount of time the installer has to spend on the job

Finding the Right Installation Service

It is a good idea to seek several estimates for motorized window shades. This will help you find the best deal in your local area. When searching for an installer, make sure to ask about previous work experience. Failure to do this may lead to excessive bills along with a number of other issues.

How To Get a Free Estimate

If you are ready to learn more about the costs associated with purchasing and installing motorized window shades in your city, simply fill in your zip code in the space provided. You will be connected with local professionals who can supply you with a quote that suits your budget. It's 100% FREE, and there's no obligation.


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