Water Purification Systems Cost


How Much Do Water Purification Systems Cost?

Whether you are concerned about the water quality inside your home or simply looking for a way to improve the overall taste, nothing beats water purification systems

A purification system is more than just a tap filter or a jug you keep in the fridge. It purifies all of the water that comes into your home. This way, the water you shower with, the water you cook with, and of course the water you drink, is all purified. 

Before you go about this home improvement though you should know what it is likely going to cost you.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Water Purification System?

There are only a handful of cost variants to consider when trying to calculate your budget for water purification systems:

  • your location
  • type of system

Your Location

Location of your home may have more of an impact on the price than anything else. It depends on the popularity of water purification systems in your locale. If there are more service providers in the area offering to install the system for you, the cheaper it's going to be. It can also depend on the property value in your area. Higher property values often mean a higher installation expense.

How much do water purification systems cost? We recommend comparing estimates from multiple professional contractors in your area to ensure you receive a fair estimate. Installation may also not be a simple task, even you are an experienced DIYer.

Type of System

There are different kinds of water purification systems available. The best way to determine what kind of system you need is to, firstly, have your water tested. A professional contractor can do this initially. From there, they can inform you what system will work best for removing the particular chemicals and/or minerals from the water. A technician may need to install additional piping throughout your home, based on both the filtration system and the state of your current plumbing. 

Also, beyond the cost to install a water purification system, make sure to ask about how much your new filters cost. These new filters are required every six to nine months based on your particular water usage.

Cost Break Down

Thankfully, there aren't too many variations, in the cost to install a water purification system. A typical installation will run between $100 and just over $1,500, although the average sits right around $1,400. If you have a more extensive plumbing system inside of your home, or if it is just especially old, you might find it closer to $3,500. This, typically, is not a price seen by most homeowners.

With all of these variables in mind, you should have a better idea as to what new water purification systems will cost. 

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