Water Treatment Systems Cost


How Much Do Water Treatment Systems Cost?

The quality of municipal and other water supplies can vary considerably depending on where you live. Some drinking water contains harmful pollutants such as pesticide and fluoride and may also have excessive amounts of harmful minerals. This can affect its taste as well as those of foods and drinks prepared with it. 

Excess minerals may also prevent certain appliances like humidifiers from functioning properly. Many people solve these problems by purchasing bottled water, but this technique often proves costly and inconvenient. A long-term solution is to hire a professional to equip your home with a water treatment system.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Water Treatment System?

The largest portion of the installation expense is the filtration equipment. Some systems sell for as little as $450, but the cost to install a water treatment system can be considerably higher depending on their capacity and effectiveness. The second biggest expense is labor which frequently makes up about 30% of the bill. 

Professionals may be able to set up a water treatment system in only a few hours. However, it might take considerably longer if you want to send filtered water to numerous fixtures. Lines, valves, connectors and other hardware raise the total price by around $25.

You can take water purification to a new level with a professionally installed water treatment system for your property. Compare several quotes from certified contractors in your locale to ensure you get the best deal money can buy.

Other Factors to Consider

The following factors will all affect the cost to install a water treatment system:

  • built-in softening features
  • type, capacity of the system
  • how many sink connections

Expenses vary significantly based on the kind of water treatment equipment you request. For example, reverse osmosis systems are more effective than distilling units but normally cost more. The price will increase if you choose a model that features softening capabilities. 

You are also likely to spend more if you or your family use considerable amounts of H2O; this will necessitate equipment with a higher capacity. The number of fixtures is an important factor as well. It's more expensive to connect the system to every sink rather than just one faucet.

Average Installation Prices

Professionals charge an average of $1,500 to install a water treatment system at home. This is enough money to pay for fairly sophisticated equipment that delivers filtered water to multiple fixtures. Alternately, you may spend only $200 if you want a basic system for one sink. The most expensive installations can cost as much as $3,800. They serve the entire house, supply enough H2O for a large family and have softening capabilities. 

Keep in mind that ongoing maintenance and filter replacement expenses also vary depending on the type and size of the system. For example, reverse osmosis units usually cost more to maintain than comparatively simple distillers.

Certain characteristics of your local area may also raise or lower these prices. For instance, contractors might charge higher rates if fuel, taxes, equipment or building rentals cost more than average. Likewise, the living expenses in a specific city or town will have an impact on labor charges. The type of water in your locale could also affect the total expense by helping to determine what system is most cost-effective. 

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