Central Vacuum Service Cost


How Much Does a Central Vacuum Service Cost?

Carrying a vacuum from room to room during cleaning is tiresome for most homeowners. This problem is not there when using central vacuum units since they have pipes running through the house with entry points into each room via the use of vents. Like typical of any other machine, these units may break down from time to time and need to be serviced if they are to remain in working condition. 

How Much Will It Cost to Service a Central Vacuum?

Depending on a number of things, the cost will usually vary. However, the typical average for central vacuum service is about $300 and could go up to about $800 or be around $100 on the lower scale.

Some of the things that may determine how much a homeowner pays include:

  • make and model of central vacuum
  • specific repair needed
  • time taken to repair( hourly rate)
  • cost of the parts to be replaced

Most contractors charge an hourly rate for central vacuum service and the price is not inclusive of the parts that would need to be replaced. Such of these replacement parts include the bags, motors, and the hoses.

When to Repair

There are some indicators that outright tell there is a problem with your central vacuum and intern it needs to be serviced. Common examples of signs your unit needs repair are;

  • failure to turn on or off
  • leaks
  • burning smell
  • no suction or reduced suction
  • clogging in the pipes as a result of damaged tubing

Should you notice any problems it is advisable to call a professional as soon as possible before the problem gets more complicated and the cost to service a central vacuum becomes even more expensive. However, be sure to compare estimate before you go ahead and have any work performed. Comparing estimates will ensure you get a feel for your regional pricing trends as well as a feel for what contractor will work best for you. 

Why Hire a Professional?

Inasmuch as you may feel you can deal with the issue affecting your unit, it is not advisable to attempt central vacuum service on your own. This could worsen the problem even further and cost you more money than you could have initially paid had you called a professional at the start.

You are also putting yourself at a risk considering the electrical nature of such repairs. The knowledge and experience of a central vacuum service professional mean they are better placed to make the right diagnosis of what is ailing in your unit.

What to Look for When Hiring a Repair Professional

Do not be in a rush to hire any person who claims to offer central vacuum service. Take your time and find someone who can be able to do the job competently and safely. Ask to see their credentials and see whether they are really qualified. Where possible ask for referrals from people you can trust. Remember, the cost to service a central vacuum is only justifiable if the person you hire is going to do the job right.

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