Attic Fan Installation Cost


How Much Does Attic Fan Installation Cost?

Are you wanting to install an attic fan? It's an excellent upgrade to consider, and it will keep any home cool from morning to evening. Heat often collects in the attic, which can damage the wood and the roof, causing you to replace the roof far sooner than necessary. It can also damage items stored in the attic. Having a hotter upper layer in the home will increase energy bills throughout the year as well. When you install an attic fan you can help reduce all of these issues. However, before you move ahead with the project, it's always good to have a better understanding of what it is likely going to cost you.

How Much Does Attic Fan Installation Cost?

A new attic fan installation is not just a basic home upgrade. There are definitely variations at play when determining the price.

The main cost variables to consider include:

  • type of fan
  • additional electrical work

Remember, if you are going to install an attic fan, you should compare at least 3 quotes from professionals in your area. It's the only way to ensure you get the best deal possible. Professional contractors will be able to maximize your savings right from the start of the project.

Type of Fan

There are a few different kinds of fans available for attic installation. This ranges from size to power. There are also some coverings for different fans, depending on what part of the country you live in. If you live in an area where you experience snow and/or rain on a regular basis, you'll need some additional protection for the fan, which will increase the price.

Additional Electrical Work

If you don't have a current fan installed in the attic, chances are you'll need additional electrical work performed. You may also need to have wiring connected to your current thermostat as well. Keep all of this in mind when asking about the price. You might not have a firm estimate until the contractor comes to your home.

Price Breakdown

The cost to install an attic fan can range anywhere from a bare minimum of $200, all the way up to $1,200. In general, though, you are more likely to pay between $450 and $500, based on where you live. If you already have an attic fan, you might just need it repaired, which will drive the price down. 

A completely new installation with new wiring is what will push the installation above $1,000. If you look at what you already have in your home, you can better understand what your cost for an attic fan installation will be.

Compare a Free Quote

Because of these variables which influence the overall cost of your new attic fan, it would be best to compare estimates from local installers. This can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. To locate the best price and the best service provider, simply input your zip code in the space provided. You'll be connected with the very best attic fan installation contractors in your area.


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