Central Vacuum Installation Cost


How Much Does Central Vacuum Installation Cost?

Everyone you know probably has a vacuum cleaner in their home. 

But how many people do you know that have had central vacuum installation at home? These are duct vacuum cleaners or central vacuum systems - permanent fixtures built in or attached to the walls of a home. 

They have a large storage container for collecting dust, dirt, and debris that are vacuumed up all over your house. Rooms in your home are outfitted with outlets for hose attachments. Simply hook up the hose in that room or area of your home and begin vacuuming the floors or furniture.

Types of Central Vacuum Systems

Two types of central vacuum cleaning systems are a traditional and retractable hose. 

The traditional system uses detachable hoses which are moved from room to room and easily attached to a pipe outlet near the bottom of the wall. This is the less expensive system because it is easier to install and creates less intrusion into the wall. 

The retractable hose system is more expensive and is simply pulls out from the wall - ready for use. You will not need to carry hoses around, but it may not be practical for homes with a lot of rooms. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Central Vacuum?

Central vacuum installation ranges from $700 on the low end to as much as $2,500 on the high end. Most homeowners, however, pay an average of $1,500 for a central vacuum installation.

Central vacuum advantages

This system comes with many advantages when it comes to cleaning your home. Some of these will include:

  • only carry a small hose from room to room
  • no heavy vacuum cleaner or attachments
  • some central vacuum hoses are permanent features
  • no electrical outlet needed
  • no plugging and unplugging in for every room
  • no unplugging other devices to plug vacuum in
  • stronger suction than portable vacuums
  • larger collection units
  • improve a home's resale value
  • improved air quality 
  • does not require replacement filters or parts

Although many portable vacuum cleaners cost around the same price, the central vacuum has a longer lifespan. However, the cost to install a central vacuum is still a big concern for homeowners. You can compare quotes from several companies in your area to ensure you get a price that's fair and relevant to your region.

Central vacuum installation

Most homeowners who want a central vacuum installed in their home opt to hire a professional. The first step in installation is putting in the main unit, which is often put in a garage or utility room. 

Some units require and outside ventilation, so they must be placed against an exterior wall. Plastic pipes are run from room to room. This involves cutting into drywall. 

Small plastic outlets are installed in every room so hoses can be attached for vacuuming. You can choose to attach permanently hoses to each room, that are hidden away in a box. 

Cost Considerations for Central Vacuum Installation

Many factors will affect the cost to install a central vacuum system. These may include:

  • total number of outlets desired
  • extra accessories 
  • storage boxes for hoses
  • larger collection boxes
  • central vacuum type or brand
  • size and horsepower
  • adding to new construction
  • before drywall is up
  • adding to existing home
  • cutting into existing walls

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