Disability Retrofit Cost


How Much Does a Disability Retrofit Cost?

If you are considering a disability retrofit for your home to make moving around your home easier for someone with a disability, there are a few things to consider. Making a home more accommodating for a disability can often be a large and sometimes intimidating process.

It is important to consider all of your options, and understand the associated costs of this type of project before you commit to or begin a disability retrofit for your home. 

How Much Will It Cost To Retrofit My Home For a Disability?

Depending on your unique situation, you can expect the cost to retrofit your home for a disability to range anywhere from $3,600 to as much as $25,000 for larger, more complex retrofits. Most commonly, a retrofit can include the following:

  • ramp installation throughout the home for easier access
  • chairlift systems
  • retrofitting of showers and bathtubs
  • expansion of rooms and doorways for wheelchair access and use

Many will agree that while the cost of a home retrofit for a disability can be quite steep initially, it is well worth the investment so that your or your loved one can live more comfortably at home with a disability. 

Depending on your specific situation and needs, your cost to retrofit your home for a disability can fluctuate greatly. Your professional can listen to your concerns and offer budget-friendly solutions that can help to keep your costs reasonable. A disability retrofit for your home can be quite the investment, so you want to make sure that the job is done right the first time while avoiding any costly mistakes or unprofessional work. 

How Can I Find a Disability Retrofit Specialist In My Area?

Finding the right contractor is essential. The wrong choice could end up coming back to bite you and increase your retrofitting costs substantially if done improperly. Be sure to get more than one professional estimate for your disability retrofit so that you can get a better idea of the current pricing trends in your area.

This is also a great opportunity to get a personal feel for which contractor will be the best fit for you and your project. 

How To Get a Free Estimate

By simply entering your zip code now, you can be connected with experienced and skilled disability retrofit specialists in your area. With your zip code information, you can also take advantage of this absolutely 100% FREE offer to get an estimate on the cost of your disability retrofit project with no obligation or hidden costs to you whatsoever. 

So don't delay! Enter your zip code now and get your project started!


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