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How Much Does Elevator Repair Cost?

Even though many people rarely think of installing elevators in their homes, they could be a necessity in bigger houses or to people with medical conditions. An elevator in a domestic setting has a long lifespan. You will rarely use it as often as you use the elevator at the workplace. You will rarely push it to its capacity limits. Despite these favorable working conditions, it is always wise to do occasional elevator repair and maintenance to ensure that it keeps working optimally.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair an Elevator?

A good elevator repair contractor can deal with most elevator maintenance, repair and safety testing. Advanced complications might demand attention from advanced technicians or the manufacturer. The cost to repair an elevator will, therefore, vary depending on the extent of the damage and who is doing the repairs.

The average cost to repair an elevator is around $300. Smaller elevator repair and fixes could go for as low as $100 while major repairs will cost you in the excess of $800.

A quick look at your elevator problem could help you make a better estimate. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Is the elevator working at all, or is it stationary?
  • Have you tried the common troubleshoot procedures provided in the manual?
  • How old is the elevator?
  • Are there any visible physical damages?
  • Who do you want to hire? A local but certified elevator repair contractor or the manufacturer’s technicians?

When it comes to elevators, the cost of a repair is usually much less than a replacement. If your elevator breaks down, it would be wise to compare quotes from local elevator repair technicians before hiring anyone. This way you can get more than one opinion as well as choose a contractor that fits your needs and budget.

Common Elevator Problems

While most elevators will work flawlessly unless an external damaging force wrecks the elevator, most will face some unprecedented problems in a lifetime. The worst malfunction would be a stuck elevator. Other common but less fatal problems leading to elevator repair include:

  • Slow operation speeds and more downtime
  • Bumpy riding elevators that make weird operational noises
  • The call box or control panel not working
  • Increased power consumption
  • Elevator door opens and closes at wrong place or doesn’t sense a jam

While most of the control panel and call box problems can be addressed quick and cheaply, bumpy rides, noise and increased power consumption could be costlier.

The elevator repair contractor might have to replace cables, the hydraulic system or chain drives. This will vary depending on the type of elevator you are running. Moreover, modern elevators that work with advanced circuitry could malfunction whenever the ECU and associated sensors fail to coordinate properly.

Additional factors that will influence your overall elevator repair bill will include the elevator size and shaft length. Bigger elevators and service shafts need longer chains and cables. Bigger elevators use bigger hydraulic systems. This means that you will pay more for the spare parts and most probably get a higher per-hour rate from the contractor.

How To Keep Your Elevator Repair Costs Low

Taking good care of your elevator will keep it working optimally for longer. Running frequent maintenance runs and having your contractor install circuitry to protect your elevator from power surges and brownouts will help you end downtime. Maintenance splits maintenance bills, hence doing away with accumulated repair costs.

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