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How Much Does Disability Remodeling Cost?

If you or a loved one struggles with some form of disability, there are ways to lessen their burden by making key modifications to the home. Disability remodeling costs can certainly vary quite a bit depending on the extent of the changes needed, where the home is located, and the age of the home's original construction.

A disability remodeling specialist will be able to make recommendations and offer exact pricing for your specific home. Below we will discuss pricing factors as well as the costs involved with this type of remodeling.

Types of Disabilities Assisted By Disability Remodeling

First of all, consider that the cost of a handicap remodeling will not matter once you can see how it has made a world of difference for those with:

  • mobility disability
  • vision impairment
  • developmental disability
  • cognitive impairment

There are a variety of different types of disability remodeling for homes, both on the exterior and inside. A professional disability remodeling expert will be able to make useful recommendations as to what types of modifications are possible for your home based on any specific disability. Also, if you are renting, there are laws in place that compel your landlord to make reasonable modifications to the property and accommodate handicapped tenants.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of a disability remodeling will depend on the extent of the work that needs to be done alongside several other factors. Although it will be hard to estimate an exact number for your unique remodeling requirements, here follows a cost breakdown to help you better calculate what the cost of a handicap remodeling for your particular needs may be: 

Professional Labor Rates

  • Architect design: Usually 10 - 17% of the total building project cost will cover architect fees and building codes
  • Excavation and demolition: Expect to spend $2 - $3 per sq ft on demolition and $50 per cubic yard for removal services
  • Electrical and wiring: Electricians charge on average $70 - $80 an hour
  • Plumbing to code: Hiring a registered plumber will cost $50 - $70 an hour
  • Carpentry: Carpenter rate average $30 - $100 an hour

Kitchen Remodel For Disability

  • Installing oak kitchen cabinets at a 30" height will average $117 - $140 per linear foot
  • Laminate countertops average $20 per linear ft
  • Installing a low-level kitchen sink and faucets designed for disability averages $220 - $380 installed
  • Altering the width of doorways will take a carpenter on average 8 hours, totaling $240 - $800

Bathroom Remodel For Disability

  • Purchasing a handicapped toilet will cost around $150 and take a plumber roughly 2 hours to install, averaging $100 - $150
  • Installing a 30" - 35" wheelchair access vanity averages $600 - $900, and takes roughly 6 hours to install and plumb, costing $300 - $420
  • Replacing vinyl flooring will cost between $3 - $4 per sq ft
  • New grab bars cost between $20 - $30 and to install $70 - $230

Entrances For Disability Remodel

  • Installing an ADA approved wheelchair ramp for your homes entrance will require a 36" wide by 60" runway ramp no higher than 28". It must include hand rails and protection along the edges. This type of wooden ramp could cost between $1,200 and $2,500
  • If you require concrete and piers for a solid foundation, expect to spend $450 extra per 6 cubic yards.

Additional Features To Consider

  • non-slip floors
  • handrail grab bars
  • widened hallways and doorways
  • lowering fixtures, countertops, and climate controls
  • powered, automatic gates
  • widened sidewalks and entryways

Due to the wide range of potential remodeling costs, it would be wise to seek the opinion of multiple local and reputable remodeling experts. This way you can compare estimates for the best rate as well as find a contractor that suits your building plans. Check references and view their previous remodeling projects for quality guaranteed workmanship inside your home.

What Is The Cost Of a Disability Remodeling?

Assuming an average size home, the cost of handicap remodeling averages $57 per sq ft. In the case of minor modifications, the cost should average between $2,600 and $6,000. To be sure, you should discuss your options with a local professional for some advice on how to keep your costs on the lower end of the scale. Homes in need of an extensive modification, or homes with difficulties related to the age of the original structure, you can expect an estimate in the neighborhood of $30,000. But, again, local contractors should be able to advise you on a more accurate estimate while also offering solutions to keep your overall price down. 

Get in Touch With a Local Professional for a Free Estimate

A physical, developmental, or cognitive disability is already a very trying experience for any individual. Having a home modified to help lessen the struggle of a mobility issue and the impacted daily living is one of the most caring ways to help.

Why not reach out to a handicap remodeling specialist near you for a FREE estimate on what it might cost you.  Simply enter your home ZIP code into the form provided. 


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