Drywall Installation


How Much Does a Drywall Cost?

Most drywall consists of gypsum backed with paper. It is also known as wallboard or sheetrock. In many homes, builders use it to create interior walls and ceilings. Installing wallboard is a messy and relatively complex project. You might need to pay for professional drywall installation if you construct a new building, split up an existing room or need to repair a damaged structure. It can also take a considerable amount of time, and installers may ask to store materials on your property overnight. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Drywall?

Although you may not be billed separately for all of these items, a contractor needs a number of different supplies to complete this task. Eight-by-four foot sheets of drywall cost about $10 per unit, and a bucket of joint compound sells for approximately $15. Drywall tape only adds around $5 to the price of most small to mid-sized projects.

Screws also remain a minor expense. Installation and cleanup labor is often included in a flat fee or the price of materials, and about half of the total expense is devoted to paying workers.

Drywall installation is not difficult if you have patience, the right tools and a someone to help you, but taping the joints between panels requires some experience. It's recommended you get in touch with local professionals and compare several estimates to get the best deal possible. 

What Can Reduce the Price or Increase It?

When you estimate the cost to install drywall, the most relevant consideration is the length and width of the room. You will also need to take the height into account if the project involves walls rather than a ceiling. Windows and doors generally don't affect the overall expense; they cut the necessary amount of materials but increase labor.

Plan on paying more if you need special drywall that resists mold. This may prove necessary near major sources of moisture, such as showers and bathtubs. The main factors affecting the cost of drywalling include:

  • moisture resistance
  • total square footage
  • site accessibility

The Average Bill For Installing Drywall

If you need this material installed on a 12-by-12 foot surface, the project cost to install drywall comes in at around $200 total. This estimate doesn't include the price to paint walls or remove and dispose of an existing structure.

Some contractors use different billing methods than others; you might pay by the square foot or sheet. When an installer charges a per-sheet rate, you may spend a bit extra if the dimensions leave a portion of a sheet unused. However, the added cost should remain below $10.

Another consequential factor is the location of your home. It can add or subtract a significant amount of money from the above-mentioned price. Supply, insurance, and fuel expenses are different in every state, and the level of demand for drywall in your area also affects the cost of this service.

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Like most projects, it tends to be more costly in major cities with higher expenses as well as secluded rural locales that require extensive travel.

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