Concrete Wall Installation Cost


How Much Does Concrete Wall Installation Cost?

Concrete wall installation is used for a number of reasons. It may be intended as a decorative aspect of the property or to act as a surrounding fence. You might even opt to have your home's foundation be made of a concrete wall. When you think of concrete wall installation, you probably just picture drab, lifeless gray.

In fact, there are a number of ways to spice up the appearance of any concrete wall. You might paint it, apply stucco or hang ornaments along the facade of the wall to add charm.

Advantages of using concrete walls include:

  • fire-resistance
  • more affordable than other types of walls
  • resistance to pests

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Concrete Wall?

As with most types of home improvement jobs, predicting costs can be a challenge. The size of the wall you intend to build and whether it is meant to be purely decorative or load-bearing have a lot to do with what you'll be asked to pay.

Cost breakdown

The final cost to install your concrete wall range between $900 and $12,000 depending on several variables, with your home's location being another major factor. The average job will cost you $4,200, which is affordable, but can certainly a sizable investment for most homeowners. 

While concrete walls do offer a number of advantages, concrete wall installation isn't the automatic choice for every homeowner. You'll want to consider the cost to install a concrete wall compared to other material choices and draw your own conclusion about what is right for your property. Be sure to compare several estimates from local contractors and check references before you commence with any work. 

Some potential drawbacks of concrete walls include:

  • Not as visually appealing as some other material types
  • Prone to leaks and cracks over time, requiring repair
  • Difficult and not advisable to install without experience

Once you choose concrete wall installation for your home, it is definitely advisable to consult with a contractor with experience laying concrete and forming walls. This is especially true in cases where the concrete wall is intended to be load-bearing. It certainly can offer an affordable way to provide a foundation for your home, but improper or amateur installation will result in major structural problems down the road. When your concrete wall installation is intended to serve as a load-bearing wall, excavation work will be necessary to prepare the land and make it flat. This will require heavy machinery and also approval from local building authorities.

How Can I Get In Touch With a Local Specialist?

As with other major construction jobs, prices vary and the cost to install a concrete wall will not be the same for every homeowner. A qualified concrete wall installation contractor will be able to advise whether concrete is the best material for your intended use and make specific cost recommendations.

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