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How Much Does a Land Surveyor Cost?

A land surveyor certifies the exact property lines of a lot. The survey ensures that financial institutions, real estate owners and, potential buyers know the precise boundaries. A surveyor becomes necessary in many different situations. You might need to arrange a survey before you can gain the permit for a new building, addition or fence.

This will prevent anyone from inadvertently constructing any portion of it on someone else's property. Banks typically expect land surveys to be completed before they issue new mortgages or refinance existing home loans. This protects them from property disputes if they need to foreclose on real estate. Surveyors conduct research and visit properties to perform careful measurements.

How Much Does It Cost To Survey Land?

When you request this service, the cost to survey land will primarily pay for labor. The hourly rates vary greatly and differ depending on the specific surveying task that's being performed. On average, you can anticipate paying about $135 per hour. Field crews with two or more members generally charge around $75/hour for each person. 

Keep in mind that these rates cover a professional's education, training, licensing and insurance premiums, not to mention that surveyors face a considerable amount of liability. If someone disputes their findings, they need to testify in court and compensate landowners for any errors. The price of this service also includes a land surveyor's vehicle and fuel expenditures.

In most cases, any construction project will require a land surveyor before you begin. We recommend that you get in touch with land surveyors in your area and compare as many quotes as possible. Check for references before you have any work done. This will ensure that you maximize your savings!

Factors Affecting the Total Expense

The major factors that will influence the total cost to survey land includes:

  • accessibility
  • travel distance
  • age of property
  • land features

There will be a considerably higher cost if you own numerous acres. The contents of your property also make a difference. Things like buildings and ponds can affect the price. You might spend less if property line markers are visible. 

The age of a subdivision is important as well. For example, it can cost up to 50% more to survey a subdivision that was created before 1950. Land with thick forests, steep terrain or muddy, wet surfaces will raise the price of a land surveyor because it takes longer to measure. On the other hand, you will pay a smaller fee if you own a flat, easily accessible lot with few trees. 

Other significant factors include the complexity of the research and the distance between your property and the surveyor's office.

What Do Landowners Pay on Average?

The cost to survey land varies substantially. You might only pay $100 if you want a surveyor to certify the boundaries of a small lot that he or she can reach without much difficulty. However, the average price is around $400. Some property owners spend as much as $900 when particularly complex surveying jobs must be performed. You could pay this much if your subdivision was established many decades ago and consists of multiple acres with rough terrain. 

Keep in mind that you may receive a major discount if the same person surveyed your property a relatively short time ago. This typically reduces the cost by approximately 35%.

Another noteworthy factor is your location. It affects prices because different surveyors are available in each area. Travel distances, business expenses, and terrain also vary from one locale to the next. Likewise, weather conditions differ in every region. A surveyor will probably charge more if land must be measured in snowy or rainy weather. 

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The good news is that we can supply you with a more definitive estimate for a land surveyor based on your location. To find out how much surveying services cost in your part of the country, please key your zip code in the space provided. It's FREE and there's absolutely no obligation.


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