Roof Inspection Cost


How Much Does Roof Inspection Cost?

A roof is arguably one of the most crucial parts of your home's structure. To ensure safety, it's important to schedule a roof inspection from time to time. This service can determine if any repairs are necessary and will enable you to fix problems before they lead to serious damage, financial loss and/or injuries. It can also come in handy when you want to buy a new house. A roof inspection will help you avoid homes in poor condition or request repairs before you make the purchase. In addition to roofing surfaces, inspectors normally examine: roof inspection will help you avoid homes in poor condition or request repairs before you make the purchase. In addition to roofing surfaces, inspectors normally examine:

  • flashing
  • vents
  • soffits 
  • gutters

How Much Does It Cost To Inspect a Roof?

The cost to inspect a roof almost completely consists of labor. This expense is frequently determined by square footage rather than the number of work hours. Every 1,000 square feet typically adds another $50 to $100. If the inspector needs to create a detailed report for a roof inspection certificate, this increases the labor fee by about $100. Although these expenditures don't normally appear on the bill, customers are actually also paying for a professional's equipment, vehicles and insurance.

Why Might the Price Be Higher or Lower?

Several factors will contribute towards the overall cost to inspect a roof. These include:

  • type, pitch and age
  • dimensions and height
  • inspection methods

Roofing inspectors charge more when the design or condition of your roof makes their job more difficult. For example, you can plan on spending extra if it's very steep or old. Objects like skylights, chimneys and vents also add to the price. Another significant factor is the height of your home. An inspection on a three-story building costs around $200 more than the same service for an equivalent one-story structure. Inspectors also charge higher prices when they use infrared equipment to check for air leaks or physically examine the roof rather than using binoculars.

Different Materials 

Some roofing materials make this task more complex and time-consuming. In comparison to asphalt shingles, a slate or metal roof adds about $85 to the inspection fee. Wood shingles can develop a wider range of problems, so the cost to inspect a roof is around $130 more. Copper is particularly difficult to examine; inspectors must work very carefully. This material increases the price by approximately $300.

When you are buying or selling a home, it is important to know the age and condition of your roof. The only way to get an accurate assessment of the state of your roof is to do a roof inspection. That's why it's important to hire a reputable roofer to do the inspection and related roof repairs.

Typical Rates of a Roof Inspection

Numerous variations in roof designs make it possible for inspection fees to differ greatly from one house to the next. You might only spend $100 if you have a relatively small roof with asphalt shingles on a one- or two-story home. However, the average house is constructed in a way that raises the price to around $200. Some people pay fees as high as $800, especially if they have large homes with at least three stories.

Don't forget that these are national estimates; local rates in your region could be considerably different. Inspectors pay varying amounts for equipment, office rental, insurance and fuel.

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