Waterproofing Inspection Cost


How Much Does a Waterproofing Inspection Cost?

Making your basement as waterproof as possible is always every homeowner's dream. Water and dampness in the basement are not only a nuisance but also a threat to your house’s foundation. The best way to secure the basement is to ensure that you use enough waterproofing techniques when building the home.

However, despite how well you do it, you will have to run regular waterproofing inspection to ensure that your defenses aren’t failing you. The cost to inspect waterproofing will vary depending on a variety of factors. Here are the factors and some cost estimations.

How Much Will It Cost To Inspect Waterproofing?

The cost to inspect waterproofing ranges from $300 to $15,600. The biggest determinant would be the size of your basement and the extent of the damage to your waterproofing. Expect to spend more if you live in a flood-prone or naturally wet area as the inspectors would be in high demand. The average homeowner will spend around $6200 on waterproofing inspection and repair.

Signs That Your Home Needs Waterproofing Inspection

The biggest reason to basement and foundation leakages would be water gathering outside your foundation walls. This would be a common thing if you live in the lowlands or reclaimed land. Water collecting next to your walls and foundation builds hydrostatic pressure forcing moisture through your walls.

The water will either start seeping in slow or come in relatively fast depending on its pressure and how well your initial waterproofing was. Calling an inspection and repair contractor as soon as you spy the first problems would handle the problem before it grows bigger.

Common Remedies To Water Leaks

Your waterproofing inspection will expose the most dangerous flaws in your foundation and basement walls. This will help you choose the perfect solution for your property. Some of the common solutions are

  • Installing sloping and grading to ensure that the ground slopes away from your walls. This will lead the water off your walls.
  • Extending the downspouts from your gutters to carry the water from your roof further away from your foundation.
  • Running an elaborate drainage system that takes all the storm water away from your home.

Apart from dealing with the water physically, you will have to reinforce your walls by applying new sealant. The chances are that the fault your waterproof inspection unearthed had compromised the wall. Applying waterproof plaster seals cracks giving the wall and foundation better waterproofing. It's also a job best left to someone with experience.

How To Prevent The Catastrophe

The best way to handling your waterproofing problems is ensuring that they do not happen in the first place. Planning your home well and anticipating water problems will help keep you on toes.

  • If your surrounding solid is relatively wet, consider installing dedicated drainage around your house to dry the soil immediately next to you.
  • Always clean and unclog any drainage to ensure that it is working optimally.
  • Take care of your gutters. If they are full of leaves, the water will spill over onto your walls.

Other measures could include using metal baseboards running along the wall and the floor. This will not only offer extra protection to the lower wall and the foundation but also helps guide all the extra water and moisture into a drain sump. It might take some work to prepare, but it is worth it.

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