Asphalt Paving Repair Cost


How Much Does Asphalt Paving Repair Cost?

Asphalt surfaces are expected to last about 25 years in a best-case scenario. Around that time, or sometimes earlier, an asphalt paving repair or replacement job is going to be required. In many cases, a delay in handing routine repairs will greatly reduce the life of your asphalt surface. Fortunately, there are various ways to repair the surface over time to considerably extend its life.

Factors That Can Lead To Frequent Asphalt Paving Repairs

  • Consistent high levels of automobile traffic and parking
  • Extremely cold and long-lasting winters
  • Very high weight machinery or equipment being stored on the asphalt surface
  • Excessive leaking of corrosive materials such as motor oil onto the surface

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Asphalt Paving?

The final cost to repair asphalt paving in your case will vary a bit depending on the extent of the damage, where you live, the climate and what other landscaping items are near to the surface requiring repair. 

In a best case, you could get away with an asphalt paving repair bill of only $900, but it could range as high as $4300 if the damage is extreme. Most asphalt paving repair estimates will run you $1500, which is a pretty moderate estimate considering how much it can certainly cost when the old surface is beyond repair and a new surface needs to be installed.

There are three distinct approaches to handling damaged asphalt:


 This scenario is by far the most expensive type of asphalt paving repair. It requires tearing up the old asphalt and laying down an entirely new asphalt surface. Depending on whether the gravel layer underneath the driveway is sound, that possibility can help keep the replacement costs down a tad.


In some cases when a repair job is done, the approach doesn't result in a permanent solution. To attempt to fill in the cracks, rather than resurface is indeed a cheaper priced repair, but hardly ever very long lasting.


Most types of asphalt paving repair simply consist of putting a new layer of asphalt over the damaged old surface. This is a middle-of-the-road cost scenario, but not nearly as inexpensive as a simple patch repair or sealing treatment.

Regardless of what type of repair work is done, an additional option you may consider is to seal the surface. Choosing to seal the surface after asphalt paving repair work is complete will almost guarantee that you'll extend the longevity of the repair work that you have done. 

How To Get a Free Estimate On The Cost To Repair Asphalt 

A skilled, local asphalt repair company will be able to help you determine whether a replacement, resurfacing or simple spot repair job is best for your particular level of damage.

In order to get an estimate for your particular surface, simply enter your home zip code into the form on this page. Qualified local asphalt paving repair specialists will reach out to you to for a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate. 

Don't delay as repairs that are put off for too long eventually become cases that require full replacements.So take advantage if this free offer and get your estimate now!


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