Basement Drainage Repair Cost


How Much Does Basement Drainage Repair Cost?

One of the primary reasons you love your home so much is its ability to guard you against the elements. One such element is water. Basement drainage repair is a regular part of home ownership that you should address quickly as issues arise.

There are a variety of systems that help keep your basement dry, some of which may already be in place. Some basement drainage repair jobs will consist of diagnosing a wet basement and prescribing a new system to be installed in order to combat a drainage issue that has become too pressing for the current system to effectively handle.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Basement Drainage?

Basement drainage repair costs can range quite a bit depending on the diagnosis. Water in your basement is just a symptom and can result from a number of problems. A professional estimate for the cost to repair basement drainage will end up totaling anywhere between $200 and $2500 depending on the extent of the problem and what type of systems are malfunctioning. The average repair tab is reported to be anywhere around $800.

Fortunately the cost to repair basement drainage is often pretty affordable compared to the cost to repair a flooded basement when drainage systems are not properly maintained. If you suspect that you are in need of a professional, it's highly recommended that you compare quotes from several contractors. 

Internal Vs. External Basement Drainage Systems

Basement drainage systems fall into two main categories: internal and external. As the names imply, external systems prevent moisture from entering your home and are installed outside your home, underground, usually around the perimeter of your foundation. By contrast, an internal drainage system is installed somewhere in the basement of your home. 

Internal drainage systems

You'll quickly find that any needed basement drainage repair work being done inside your home will be an effort of trying to fix one of the two main types of internal draining systems.

  • Floor drains: Typically among the least expensive systems to install or repair, a floor drain works by trapping moisture along the seams of your basement walls and floors.
  • Sump pumps: A sump pit is dug out and a pump is placed at the border of the sump pit and the lowest basement floor. It collects moisture from underground and pumps it outside the home. 

External drainage systems

External basement draining systems are still commonly used in homes, mostly because of local code enforcement agencies requirements. While efficient, they're frequently getting side-stepped in favor of more cost-effective and efficient internal systems.

A main gripe with external systems is their tendency to get clogged by soil, soot and plant roots. If you have an external basement drainage repair job needed, it's most likely being done to unclog your french drain system, which could be decades old.

How To Get a Free Quote

basement drainage repair specialist will be able to advise you as to which type of system is best for your particular home. You'll want to choose a configuration that can combat moisture and prevent it from entering your house, but with the lowest cost.

For a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate on basement drainage repair costs for your home, simply enter your zip code into the form on this page. Basement drainage repair is unfortunately not the type of work that is often tackled by an inexperienced homeowner, so contacting a trained professional with a fair price estimate is nearly always the best way to approach the situation.


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